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How to convey disaster prevention information of flood, the earth and sand disaster changes

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To place that is safe as for all the members on caution level 4 evacuation!

Evacuation information using [caution level] is announced from the flood period (around June) in 2019.


Disaster prevention information is provided by five phases of [caution level] so that citizens of the prefecture understands meanings such as evacuation information to urge action on inhabitants whom meteorological observatory and the municipalities announce intuitively, and correspondence of action that you should take is clarified.

[caution level 3] We assume disaster occurrence information, and, evacuation such as elderly people, [caution level 4] all the members evacuation, the best action to protect life is further [caution level 5] promoted.


In addition, as information that citizens of the prefecture is useful for judgment when oneself acts, flood warnings and advisories for designated rivers, water level information of river, information such as heavy rain warning, landslide alert information, risk of landslides distribution are provided as caution level equivalency information.


Relations of caution level and existing disaster prevention information



For more information about caution level, please see homepage of Cabinet Office.



[reference] News from Cabinet Office

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