Eco-life green curtain contest like 2019 (Reiwa 1) Kumamoto

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Eco-life green curtain contest like Kumamoto

  Green curtain has chilling effect with water transpired by positive zashiosaegiru effect and plant, and anyone is easy to wrestle relatively cheaply,

 It is one of the energy saving, warming measures.
  For the further spread of curtains green Kumamoto stop warming citizen of the prefecture acting as a body campaign promotion holding a meeting (chairperson: Governor Ikuo Kabashima Kumamoto),

 We hold "green curtain contest" for whole prefecture. You are stirred up, and please apply.

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  Prefectural office green curtain diary ~2019~We open with the other window

The H30 home section highest award
The H30 company, group section highest award
The 2018 (Heisei 30) home section highest award
 Kumiko Horibata (Minamata-shi)
The 2018 (Heisei 30) company, group section highest award
 Sakamoto resident autonomy meeting (Yatsushiro-shi)

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1 qualifications
 Installing green curtain using plants of climbing nature by oneself this year in home, office in Kumamoto and the school.


2 application sections
 (1)Home section
  Personal house where oneself lives in in Kumamoto
 (2)Company, group section
  Office, store, factory, school in Kumamoto and nursery school, kindergarten


3 application methods
 You fill in application paper with the requirements, and please submit photograph by email, bringing or mail after attachment.
 ※We can download from our homepage and install application paper in the prefectural office (the fifth floor of the new building Environmental Policy Promotion Division).

  In addition, please contact prefectural Environmental Policy Promotion Division when you want mail. (TEL: 096-333-2264)


 [about photograph]
  ・We photographed by from Friday, May 31, 2019 (Reiwa 1) to Friday, September 13
  ・Photograph assumes up to three pieces, and inner one piece knows the setting conditions (position relations of building and green curtain) of green curtain
  ・In the case of electronic data, you assume JPG form, and please submit by email or CD-R.
   ※Capacity of data transmitting by email assumes up to less than 4MB per one, and when you exceed this, you divide into multiple times, and please send.
  ・In the case of color printing, please submit at L - 2 L size.

4 application periods
  It must arrive by 17:00 on Friday for from Friday, May 31, 2019 (Reiwa 1) to September 13, 2019 (Reiwa 1)


5 application
 (1)Mail or bringing
   〒862-8570 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
   It is addressed to Kumamoto Environmental Policy Promotion Division green curtain person in charge
   ※Please assume title "green curtain contest application".


6 examination, commendation
 (1)We examine based on photograph and contents described in application paper and decide the following prize-winning work.
   ・For highest award (home section, company, group section for each one point) supplementary prize Quo card 5,000 yen
   ・For award for excellence (home section, company, group section for each three points) supplementary prize Quo card 3,000 yen
   ・Special Recognition Award (a few name)
     To subsequent year that included approach contents and improvement in regardless of the result of green curtain in Special Recognition Award enthusiasm

     As you evaluate, please apply even for green curtain which you failed in positively.

     (e.g.,: prize including area, together pleasure of home life Prize, next year gambarima Prize)
 (2)It is said that examination standard is as follows.
  ・State of implementation (the appearance, the setting situation, the upbringing situation)
  ・Inventive idea (setting method, the making of seeds and seedlings, watering, fertilization, the real use)
  ・Setting effect () that bodily sensation of the cool, use of energy saving effect (air-conditioner decrease by)
  ・Appeal point (process of setting, point, episode, approach in families, PR to the neighborhood that had a hard time)
 (3)We notify prize winner of examination result from sponsor and open photograph, full name (office name) to the public on prefectural homepages.
 (4)We carry out the highest award, commendation ceremony (the conferment of testimonial and supplementary prize) for prize winners of award for excellence. It is plan of around February, 2020.


Attention in 7 application
 (1)Applicant should agree to the application point when we applied for this contest.
 (2)Application to this contest is free, but expense (the developing of photograph, mail of documents) pertaining to application is charged to the applicant.
 (3)As a general rule, we do not return application (including electronic data).
 (4)Let exhibitions on print, display, prefectural homepage use application photograph for public information and the spread pertaining to green curtain gratis

   Let's eat. In addition, we may handle trimming on this occasion.
 (5)In photography, please consider not to make any violating incumbrance in rights of likeness.




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