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Eco-life green curtain contest like 2019 (Raiwa 1) Kumamoto

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Eco-life green curtain contest like Kumamoto

  Green curtain is one of energy saving, the warming measures that there is chilling effect with transpired water from positive zashiosaegiru effect and plant, and anyone is easy to work on relatively cheaply.

 At Kumamoto stop warming citizen of the prefecture acting as a body campaign promotion meeting (chairperson: Governor Ikuo Kabashima Kumamoto), we carried out "green curtain contest" for whole prefecture for the further spread of green curtains.


 Application period: From May 31, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to September 13
 Object: Green curtain which was installed in home, office in Kumamoto and the school in 2018
 The number of the application: 27 points of home sections
       34 points of company, group sections

 Commendation: In addition to the result of curtain, we evaluated inventive idea and setting effect, other appeal points generally and decided prize-winning work.

      To the highest award of each section, award for excellence prize winner, performed on February 4, 2020 (Raiwa 2); "the twelfth Kumamoto stop warming

      It commended in citizen of the prefecture acting as a body campaign promotion meeting.

  Thank you for your much application.

  As we are going to carry out contest in 2020 (Raiwa 2), we look forward to application of everybody.


The home section highest award, award for excellence

The highest award
Award for excellence 1
[the highest award] Ei Watanabe Fumi (Yamaga-shi)
 It is excellent green curtain which grew thick powerfully. It seemed to be set up to moderate sunlight to come in in dining. We are induced so that the making of soil and vine using domestic garbage bend intensively in one place, and it is devised.
[award for excellence] Kimiko Nakayama (Kikuyo-machi)
 It was installed to cool room facing south. We put soil which made soil with compost in the sandbag (donou) and are substituted for planter. Even if outer wall which became behind bitter gourd touches summer Japan and China, we do not seem to be hot.
Award for excellence 2
Award for excellence 3
[award for excellence] Hiroo Soma (Kikuyo-machi)
 Green curtain is made for approximately ten years. It is unique curtain made into an arch form. The fee for use of air-conditioner seems to decrease. He/she enjoys fruit with fried bitter gourd.
[award for excellence] Masahiro Fuchibe (Kikuchi-shi)
 At first, it seems to have been installed from the viewpoint of privacy protection, but there is request from wife of bitter gourd enthusiast now, too and is installed every year. Soil is changed every two years to prevent repeated cultivation disorder.

Home section Special Recognition Award

Special prize 1
Special prize 2
Special prize 3
[peach, chestnut, bitter gourd three years prize]
  Mihoko Yoshinaga (Minamata-shi)
 While it is made trial and error year by year, it is worked hard at the making of your convincible curtain.
[the jungle great emperor Prize of Minamata]
  Kumiko Horibata (Minamata-shi)
 Being said to be "the jungle totally" grows thick from grandchild gone home. 
[prize for eagerness]
  Fumio Nomura (Yatsushiro-shi)
 It is made trial and error with enthusiasm including the making of soil and selective breeding of pumpkin.
Special prize 4
Special prize 5

[Good! way of raising, color prize]
  Meeting Hiromi (Arao-shi)
 Bitter gourd and contrast of purple morning glory that grew thick are wonderful curtains.
[prize for sun parlor capture]
  Kenji Nishisaka (Arao-shi)
 You succeed in cooling sun parlor becoming hot with bitter gourd curtain in the summertime.


The company, group section highest award, award for excellence

The highest award
Award for excellence 1
[the highest award] DUSKIN Co., Ltd. Yatsushiro (Yatsushiro-shi)
 It is with the first green curtain, but grows thick along window of the south side neatly. View from the room seems to heal beautifully. Through bitter gourd, neighborhood and interchange with person going to work seemed to increase.
[award for excellence] Yatsushiro City Yatsushiro elementary school (Yatsushiro-shi)
 We bring up green curtain in the front part of school building while children planting seedling, and doing watering. Room temperature of classroom seemed to lower approximately 10 degrees Celsius on tropical day when we compared before setting. Light between school building becomes good passage way of teachers.
Award for excellence 2
Award for excellence 3
[award for excellence] Arao City Midorigaoka elementary school (Arao-shi)
 It is bitter gourd, sponge gourd, green curtain using morning glory. Bitter gourd is edible, and sponge gourd is used for "scrubbing brush". It is for paste culture of Ariake Sea and reuses used used net, and curtain is installed.
[award for excellence] Teahouse (Takamori-machi) of depths Aso
 Window was many stores and was installed as the afternoon sun was severe. By having become shaded, it seemed to become possible to spend time with screen door and electric fan. We did and were interested, and cool air seems to have been popular with scenery from the shop from customer come to.


Company, group section Special Recognition Award

[prize for composite learning]
  Chrysanthemum positive municipality chrysanthemum positive south Elementary School (Kikuyo-machi)
 We utilize vine, fruit of bitter gourd and make broach and are used for learning of child as well as energy saving measures.
[prize for shade of a tree]
  Residents' association (Kikuyo-machi) in two Musashigaokas
 We seemed to come to be brought up well by having had outdoor planting from planter. We are brought up while cooperating in everybodies.
[prize for morning sun block]
  Yunomae-machi health center (Yunomae-machi)
 It was installed to interrupt strong Asahi of the summertime. Beautiful green provides the cool to people from next agency.
[prize for green curtain local contribution]
  YKK AP Kyushu factory (Yatsushiro-shi)
 Other than setting in the company, green curtain setting to elementary school in Yatsushiro-shi is performed as part of local contribution.
[net is tough prize]
 YAMAHA Kumamoto products (Yatsushiro-shi)
 As wind resists the sea soon, we utilize blocks, and net is fixed strongly. We seemed to endure typhoon.
[protecting stones of samurai residences prize]
  Arao City Kiyosato elementary school (Arao-shi)
 At part of environmental learning of fifth grader, it is managed watering by nae*. Curtain which grew up magnificently is like protecting stones of samurai residences of Kumamoto-jo Castle.
[prize for local communication]
  Sakamoto resident autonomy meeting (Yatsushiro-shi)
 We harvest in bitter gourd that, in fact, it was visited an office and seem to have you take home. Disseminating information in facebook is performed.
[180 fruits! Great prize]
  NPO corporation child care support after-school child day care
  Seem to work; spirit club (Kikuyo-machi)
 Fruits of bitter gourd of 180 were harvested. We seemed to eat in bitter gourd Tips.
[prize for food loss utilization]
  Yatsushiro City Sakamoto Junior High School (Yatsushiro-shi)
 We do in zan saio manure which appears when we cook lunch and are utilized for the making of soil. Through watering, real crop, it leads to food education of child.
[mental health prize]
  Yamaga City Yamaga Elementary School (Yamaga-shi)
 It is curtain of bitter gourd installed in health room. It became opening-like environment and seems to have become snuggery for children.
[fine forever now prize]
  The day service warmth warmth (Yatsushiro-shi)
 Bitter gourd curtain of air-conditioner save electricity. Vine and real growth of facility user seem to become a pleasure.
[ho, ho firefly come goyaju of the principal
 su is bitter prize]
  Taragi municipality Kurohiji Elementary School Yanagino branch school
 It germinates every year and seems to grow up from escape seed of the previous year. It seemed to be fainted in agony so that student was disgusted with bitter gourd juice which was elatedness of the principal.

[rumblingly time prize]
  Musashigaoka Elementary School
  Schoolchild good friend club (Kikuyo-machi)
 It is curtain of bitter gourd installed in athenaeum of the south side that children use after lunch. Children who took a nap pleasantly seemed to appear one after another.

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