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We open Kumamoto earthquake digital archive to the public

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Kumamoto earthquake digital archive

With Kumamoto earthquake digital archive

toppupeji (there is no top)
We release information about photograph and picture, document about Kumamoto earthquake as digital archive to leave experience and lesson of Kumamoto earthquake in history in the prefecture, and to make use in future disaster.

Many people see and think that it, please inflect for the training and education, study of disaster prevention, genwazawai widely.


About 100,000 materials are browsable

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In Kumamoto earthquake digital archive, we publish information about about 100,000 (as of July, 2019) photographs and pictures, documents which we collected from the local government or affiliate.

We can look for materials from keyword and provider, address.
In addition, "search tips" that collected various keywords are published and become easy to look for materials.
In search of materials; very much


Besides, we publish various contents

[we know state of restoration, revival] Fixed point shooting image, picture

2017 Kumamoto-jo Castle201905 Kumamoto-jo Castle
We publish photograph and picture that fixed point photographed Kumamoto-jo Castle or Tokai University Aso campus from in the ground or the sky. We can see state of restoration, revival after Kumamoto earthquake.

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[Kumamoto earthquake that chief looks back toward] The governor, head of municipality interview picture

We publish record picture which interviewed Governor of Kumamoto and head of municipality of eight prefecture about response to Kumamoto earthquake. It is talked about we think, and how each chief moved how in actual voice. (each from 10 minutes to 15 minutes)

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[we can learn correspondence of Kumamoto earthquake] Earthquake disaster record magazine

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We publish record magazine which the local government or each affiliate made.
We can know how you coped with Kumamoto earthquake.

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[it can inflect for education or the training] Picture and leaflet

We publish disaster prevention, enlightenment information which utilizes information about Kumamoto earthquake digital archive, and was produced about genwazawai.
It can inflect for disaster prevention education and the training in school or the workplace.

≪An example of materials≫

○ "We learn Kumamoto earthquake and comprise picture for the next disaster"

Only as for the DVD (the inside)
We will simulate damage when large-scale earthquake occurred in future and are video which we explained about the preparation for disaster prevention, genwazawai after having looked back on Kumamoto earthquake.
(about 24 minutes)

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○ Leaflet "experience, lesson of Kumamoto earthquake"
It is leaflet which gathered up point of anti-disaster measures, correspondence that stood on inspection and Kumamoto earthquake about response of this prefecture in Kumamoto earthquake.

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