Fall A-1 "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) *; time * of burr

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Fall "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) *; time * of burr

 To student who attended daily curricula with it was "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course)

 (^_-) which sets thing called "it falls time of burr"


 We attend various curricula until 16:00 for from 9:00 a.m. to the evening, and "it falls, and from 16:00 to 16:30 are time of burr" basically.


 On the day one or e.t.c ... which felt how whether you took lectures, and you understood local contents which you received practical training in enough

 Each reviews day while having fill out paper; (^^)/


 200 days, student is not just fun, too.

 Process to hit wall in local training, and that question comes out in lecture, and ... student grows up, and to grow one size big

 We come out a lot.


 Own establishing in such inside, "fall time of burr"; is connected to reflect.

 And we become Shiga friend that how about student.


 Network and friend that "Kumamoto forestry college" [long-term course] does not just learn knowledge and becomes adaptable fighting potential of forestry 200 days later

 The system is such that we can obtain (*' ▽')


 Swing burr


























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