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Guidance of Kumamoto Architecture Division "Kumamoto art police" social media

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 About Kumamoto Architecture Division "Kumamoto art police" social media, we manage by the following policies.
 In the use, you have you read the operational policy concerned well, and, on agreement, please use.

Kumamoto Architecture Division "Kumamoto art police" social media operation policy


Purpose of disseminating information

 About building activities in Kumamoto art police and the prefecture, we strengthen disseminating information to home and abroad and are intended that we deepen interest and understanding about Kumamoto art police and building culture.

Type, account name of account


Operation actor

Operation actor assumes Kumamoto Architecture Division "Kumamoto art police secretariat" (they say the secretariat as follows.).



Management of comment

(1) As we will not reply for comment to our page in principle, individual inquiry, please connect by message or email.
(2) For contribution contents of the secretariat, delete comment that you judged to correspond to irrelevant comment and the following matters without notice to contributor of comment
  But, there is.
  ・It violates laws and ordinances
  ・It is against public order and morals
  ・We promote criminal act
  ・We slander specific individual, company, group and slander and hurt honor or trust
  ・We violate privacy such as disclosing personal information without consent of the person, and leaking out
  ・It was aimed for profit
  ・Listed contents are falsely or remarkably different from fact
  ・Comment to be indecent, and to link to homepage including contents such as vulgarity, humiliating words, hate speech of abusing
  ・Without opinion expression, it is intended to guide reader of our page to other homepages
  ・Comment of the same contents posted repeatedly by the same user and comment that resembled closely
  ・It is against Terms of Use of each social media
  ・In addition, it is judged that it is inappropriate in administration
(3) User posting comment to correspond to (2) mentioned above may block comment to our page.


(1) About all acts that user performs using information placed in our page, the secretariat does not take any responsibility.
(2) Trouble between user and third party who occurred about trouble between users who accrued in conjunction with our page or the damage that took again in conjunction with our page again
        As for this, the secretariat does not take responsibility about the damage that covered.
(3) If and when copyrights which depended on contributions such as comment belonged to the user who posted concerned, but was posted, user for the secretariat,
   We should agree to we should consent to right to use contribution contents free of charge and not using copyrights for the secretariat.
(4) Other than the above, the secretariat does not take any responsibility about any damage that accrued in conjunction with our page.


Intellectual property

 Intellectual property rights such as photograph, illustration, sound, video published in our page and article belong to person having the secretariat or justifiable right. For publication article of our page click the like button About equal no reaction, share function, we can use freely. In addition, reproduction that listed the source is possible. But it is not this limit when there is note to "forbid reproduction without permission".


Change of operational policy

We may change this operational policy without notice.



(1) We do not perform follow of other accounts.

(2) Article that the secretariat posted does not necessarily express official announcement, opinion of Kumamoto. About official announcement Kumamoto homepages

  Please confirm in this.

(3) It is thing at the time of dispatch and may change article that the secretariat posted afterwards.


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