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"Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) - tree observation in prefecture south school -

 "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) goes by two systems of the north school of the prefecture and the south school of the prefecture.

 This system is rare nationwide.


 That is because Kumamoto is the characteristic forestry advanced ground to have very,

 Much north area of place that is gentle geographically producing "small country cedar" or "aya cedars" of the prefecture,

 As for the pattern that is the steep topography of Yatsushiro area or Ashikita area commencing with "Kuma forestry", local the south that developed of wood production of the prefecture,

 There is very attractive characteristic in same prefecture called this.


 In addition to having you learn forestry technology depending on the local characteristic,

 It is aimed for environment creation which is easy to go to not only the north area of the prefecture but also various places living in the south area of the prefecture.


 Tree observation was carried out at Itsuki-mura office which became lecture base of the south school of the prefecture in April.

 This lecturer has the deputy manager of forestry study, training center support.

 We love forestry and are that we own the forest by oneself and manage.

 ... (^^ that pleasure is handed down when we hear story from such lecturers♪


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