About the re-choice result of disaster prevention emphasis reservoir

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About the re-choice of disaster prevention emphasis reservoir


1 process

 New standard that reservoir measures examination team was installed in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by July, 2018 heavy rain because many reservoirs collapsed, and serious damage occurred in small reservoir which was not disaster prevention emphasis reservoir, and enlarged way of thinking of the choice of disaster prevention emphasis reservoir which might cause human damage was announced in November, 2018.

 Based on this, we performed the re-choice of disaster prevention emphasis reservoir in this prefecture at the end of May, this year.


The conduct main constituents of 2 re-choice

 We carried out by adjustment with the prefecture and the municipalities.


3 number of the reservoirs which we chose again (at end of May, 2019)

 Was chosen again as disaster prevention emphasis reservoir based on selection criteria that 931 of 2,340 places of total number of reservoirs for agriculture in the prefecture was new.  



Approach of 4 future

 In all disaster prevention emphasis reservoirs chosen again, we contribute information that is necessary for judgments of evacuation to local residents by making, public announcement of the reservoir map (name, positional information) by the municipalities and urgent contact system network, and the prefecture and the municipalities cooperate and push forward reinforcement measures and hazard map making.


 Process of future reservoir measures on the basis of July, 2018 heavy rains (PDF: 213.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window



・About the June 11, 2019 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries press release "re-choice of disaster prevention emphasis reservoir"

We open with the other windowhttp://www.maff.go.jp/j/press/nousin/bousai/190611.html



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