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We announce 2019 girl handball world championships theme songs

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We announce 2019 girl handball world championships theme songs


We announce 2019 girl handball world championships theme songs!

◆Title "Hand in Hand ... thought - to tie"

◆Song: Aki Yashiro (meeting special supporter)

◆Composition: Takeshi Kobayashi 

  ◆Words: Let be, and pass; Junji 

Aki YashiroTakeshi KobayashiLet be, and pass; Junji

[thought put in song]

 This theme song is doing, "we send figure of Kumamoto pushing forward restoration, revival from Kumamoto earthquake through meeting to home and abroad" with basic concept and ties thought of citizen of the prefecture, and all over Japan, thought, moreover, to be connected with world people across border are loaded with.

 Songwriter representing Takeshi Kobayashi, Japan which are meeting Aki Yashiro who is supporter particularly, Japan music circles outstanding music producer in national singers in what sympathize with this concept, and had engage in production of this theme song from strong thought, "want to support revival of Kumamoto" from Kumamoto is alone; let be, and last, and is Junji. These three people became one team, and this theme song "Hand in Hand ... thought ... to tie" was born.

 With heart of citizens of Kumamoto as one and this theme song comes from all over the world, and it is bridge with done most various places, and bear prays for coming to convey "thought of thanks" from Kumamoto for the world.

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