There is issue of A-1 "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) * protection clothes, too; *

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There is issue of "Kumamoto forestry college" [long-term course] * protection clothes, too; *

 Student going to "Kumamoto forestry college" [long-term course] has various support & supply.


  (1) Selection examination fee : Free of charge". There are three times of examinations toward 2020, but is all free of charge.

  (2) Tuition   : Free of charge". In addition to expense that it costs for the training of 200 days a year, 11 kinds of qualifications, class expenses are free, too.

  (3) Supply   : It is only for once, but provides with hazmat suits (at the time of use of chienso).

            In addition, we set up machine parts working for the training conduct in us, and we bear obstacle premium.

            Furthermore, there is employment preparation stipend system (there is condition in system to pay monthly basis around 125,000 yen separately).

            *It is condition that we are consented budget assembly in 2020. . .


   When we do work as forestry now, wearing of protective pants is required.

   It is photograph of working everybody on the site.

   Please see ♪ We make forestry man everybody wearing.

   Is cool; (^_-)-☆

   Group photo


   Please work safely and will provide student of Kumamoto forestry college with the next protective clothes.   

   Protection clothes (1) Protection clothes (2)

   In addition to protective clothes, we provide with helmet and vibration absorption gloves having soundproofing only of sound of Chan so.

   Protection clothes (5) Protection clothes 6

   Will a lot of people whom there is come to forestry world now.

   If you are interested in, please refer anytime (^◇^)




























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