"Pokémon GO" cooperates with ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project!

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Revival project X Pokemon GO


"Pokémon GO" cooperates with Kumamoto revival project that comic artist, Eiichiro Oda is engaged in!

 "Pokémon GO" cooperates with Kumamoto revival project having comic artist, Eiichiro Oda from Kumamoto cooperate in authors of "ONE PIECE" and will have you perform approach to support Kumamoto revival.

  Image of nine people of "gangs of straw" of "ONE PIECE" comes up in "Pokémon GO" as pokesutoppu on Monday, July 22. To image of pokesutoppu, will match with completion of image in future; and of Eiichiro Oda describe, and illustration of lowering is going to be used.

 July 22 of this year is commemorative day when 22nd anniversary, "Pokémon GO" reach the third anniversary from service start in Japan from serialization start in "ONE PIECE". Come over to Kumamoto, and all of trainers, please enjoy special pokesutoppu.


Revival project X Pokemon GO

★Please confirm the details of setting place of image from this.

※We move to the outside site ("Weekly Jump +"/Shueisha). 


 In addition, "Pikachu which put on straw hat of red ribbon" is for a limited time and, in commemoration of image becoming pokesutoppu, appears throughout the world, and we change, and "straw hat of red ribbon" is added to item.


PikachuChanging clothes item

Pikachu which was covered with straw hat of red ribbon

Straw hat of ribbon that we change, and item is red

※"Changing clothes item" is not for a limited time.

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The event date and time, contents

[the date and time] Japan time Monday, July 22, 2019 13:00 - Monday, July 29 13:00

[contents] "Pikachu covered with straw hat of red ribbon" appears


Notice matter

※When you play, you follow manner after attention for neighboring security, and please enjoy "Pokémon GO".

※By weather condition of the day and circumstances, place, contents may be changed time for event. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※Statue of friends of "gangs of straw" is installed sequentially, but pokesutoppu is going to come all up on Monday, July 22.

Past Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction aid of "Pokémon GO"

In hope of many trainers visiting Kumamoto in March, 2017, we had you carry out event that "mold Gon" appeared a lot in Kumamoto.

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