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  We carry out emigration support project, matching support project and company support project that Kumamoto and the prefecture municipalities wait in concerted action Kumamoto and wait for people, job construction broad strategic view and the prefecture municipalities, and to contribute to promotion of emigration, domiciliation in the prefecture and understaffed cancellation in medium and small-sized businesses based on people, job construction broad strategic view.

 In addition, it is said that the details are as follows.


About 1 emigration support gold

 When it was commuted to Tokyo's 23 wards in total from residence or Tokyo metropolitan area more than five years in ten years just before emigration and we move to the municipalities in Kumamoto and we apply for object company of money of emigration support published in matching site "one stop job site Kumamoto" that Kumamoto runs and begin work or when we perform company for area problem solution and receive grant decision of money of company support pertaining to company support project that the prefecture carries out (※ 1), the municipalities provide more than two households with 600,000 yen when there is in the case of 1 million yen, the single body when there is. 

※Please see thisWe open with the other window about money of company support pertaining to company support project that one prefecture carries out.


2 main requirements

・Having moved into in the target municipalities in Kumamoto after October 16, 2019 (Raiwa 1).

・Thing or Kumamoto that applied for job offer published in "one stop job site Kumamoto" that Kumamoto operated as job offer targeted for emigration support gold, and was adopted       But, receiving grant determination of money of company support to raise.

   ※We may demand return of money of emigration support including transferred case from the municipalities within five years from application day of emigration support gold.

   ※As for other detailed important matters, please see Kumamoto emigration support project, matching support project and company support project conduct efficiency.

    Kumamoto emigration support project, matching support project and company support project conduct efficiency (PDF: 256.6 kilobytes) We open with the other window


3 allowance

 ・In the case of more than two households: 1 million yen

 ・In the case of the single body     : 600,000 yen



Inquiry, application of 4 emigration support gold

 ・ Each municipalities department in charge of emigration



 The municipalities, department in chargePhone number 
Kumamoto-shi economic policy section work promotion room made096-328-2377 
Uto-shi town development promotion section0964-22-1111 
Uki-shi Regional Development Division 0964-32-1906 
Misato-machi plan Information Systems Section0964-47-1111 
Mifune-machi plan Finance Division096-282-1263 
Kashima-machi plan Information Systems Section096-237-2641 
Mashiki-machi plan Finance Division096-286-3223 
Kosa-machi Regional Development Division096-234-1154 
The making of capital promotion room of Mt. capital creation section of Mt. Yamato-cho 0967-72-1158 
Arao-shi living breath breath section0968-57-7059
Tamana-shi Regional Development Division0968-75-1421
Gyokuto-machi plan Finance Division0968-85-3188 
Nagasu-machi town development section0968-78-3239
Nagomi-machi town development promotion section0968-86-5721
Nankan-machi town development section0968-57-8501
Yamaga-shi area life section0968-43-1114
Kikuchi-shi plan promotion section communities, domiciliation support room0968-25-7250
Koshi-shi Planning Division096-248-1813 
Ozu-machi synthesis policy section096-293-3118
Kikuyo-machi synthesis policy section096-232-2112
Aso-shi town development section0967-22-3318 
Oguni-machi policy section0967-46-2118
Minamioguni-machi town development section0967-42-1112 
Takamori-machi policy promotion section0967-62-1111
Ubuyama-mura plan promotion section0967-25-2211
Minamiaso-mura next generation domiciliation section0967-67-2705
Nishihara-mura plan business and industry section096-279-3112
Yatsushiro-shi plan policy section0965-33-4104
Hikawa-cho Regional Development Division0965-62-2311
Minamata-shi Planning Division0966-61-1607
Ashikita-machi plan Finance Division0966-82-2511
Tsunagi-machi policy Planning Division0966-78-3114
Hitoyoshi-shi area community section0966-22-2111 
Nishiki-machi plan Tourism Division0966-38-4419
Asagiri-cho business and industry Tourism Division0966-45-7220
Taragi-machi plan Tourism Division0966-42-1257
Yunomae-machi plan Tourism Division0966-43-4111
Mizukami-mura General Administration Division0966-44-0311
The Yamae-mura Private School Planning Division0966-23-3112
Sagara-mura General Administration Division0966-35-0211
Itsuki-mura oldness and promotion section0966-37-2212
Kuma-mura plan promotion section0966-32-1114
Amakusa-shi Regional Policy Division0969-27-6000
Kamiamakusa-shi plan policy section0964-26-5539
Reihoku-machi plan policy section0969-35-1111



5 application methods

 ・ Application to the municipalities emigration support project department in charge is necessary.

 (common) We can apply after the emigration within one year more than three months.

 After having passed after the employment (in the case of employment) for three months, we can apply.

 We can apply (in the case of company) within one year after grant determination of money of company support.



6 related links

  ・Kumamoto emigration, domiciliation portal site (URL: https://www.kumamoto-life.jp/)

  •     It is emigration, domiciliation official site of Kumamoto. Other than introduction and support system of each municipality, we send information of conference, recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid information.


  •   ・One stop job site Kumamoto (URL: https://kumamoto.onestop-job.jp/)
        It is matching site that Kumamoto operates. For receipt of emigration support gold, we apply for target job offer that the prefecture published in "one stop job site Kumamoto",

  •   We begin work, or it is necessary to receive grant determination of money of company support.

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