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About image of gangs of "hino country" revival straw

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Image of rufi

 In April, 2019 when three years passed from Kumamoto earthquake, <gangs "hino country" of straw revival> started at last.
This is revival project that comics "ONE PIECE" which comic artist, Eiichiro Oda from this prefecture draws of popularity cooperated with Kumamoto.
We spend the next two years, and eight images of friend of gangs of straw are installed in cause of the following stories, prefecture eight.

Gangs "hino country" of straw revival 


Image of rufi


Gangs of straw which struck "hino country", also known as Kumamoto.

In April, 2016, 2 degrees big earthquake "2016 Kumamoto earthquake" of "foreshock" "main shock" occurs in "hino country",

Much house collapse and earth and sand disasters, the damage including cutoff of road were extensive.

Gangs of straw still know that inhabitants of "hino country" suffer.

Therefore captain rufi instructs help of revival of stricken area in friends of gangs.

Friends solve annoyance of stricken area with each special ability and promise reencounter under rufi (the prefectural office) sending Yale to revival.



■Image of rufi setting place: The prefectural office promenade

■The image of rufi setting date: November 30, 2018



Friends of gangs of straw


- Zorro -

Zorro of "combatant" rushes to Ozu-machi where life changed completely commencing with damage of the martial arts ground that children worked hard at lesson.

Kendo makes use of prosperous nature of the locality and repeats ascetic practices of sword in children and open space and aims at town planning not to be defeated by earthquake.

■Image setting place: Otsu Chuo Park

■Image setting time: 2020

Ozu-machi homepage We open with the other window(external link)




- Nami -

We are damaged by communities unit, and Nami of "mate" rushes to Nishihara-mura where the rebuilding of community is problem.

We continue sending wind of support to windmill of symbol of village where we suffered from and revival of all communities while putting on experience in coconut palm village.

■Image setting place: Village of Tawarayama interchange building sign

■Image setting time: 2020

Nishihara-mura homepage We open with the other window(external link)





- usoppu -

Prairie of Aso that is pride of inhabitants is big, and usoppu of "sniper" rushes to damaged Aso-shi.

With tool handling power that is green (naturally), we help with reproduction of grassy plain and regain pride and smile of inhabitants.

■Image setting place: The Aso station square

■Image setting time: 2019

Aso-shi homepage We open with the other window(external link)




- Sanji -

Sanji of "cook" rushes to Mashiki-machi where lunch center suffered from earthquake with 2 degrees seismic intensity of 7.

Using local farm products, we create health and smiles of children who carry the future of town by making hot lunch deliciously.

■Image setting place: Mina terrace ⇒ Kiyama district (※)

■Image setting time: 2019

Mashiki-machi homepage We open with the other window(external link)

※We are going to transfer after Kiyama district maintenance completion.




- Chopper -

Chopper of "ship's doctor" rushes to the Kumamoto-shi animals and plants garden which beast building suffered from by earthquake.

We take care of animals forced to evacuation to zoo of outside the prefecture and create smiles of visiting children.

■Image setting place: The Kumamoto-shi animals and plants garden

■Image setting time: 2019

Kumamoto-shi homepage We open with the other window(external link)




- Robin -

Robin of "archeologist" rushes to Tokai University Aso school building where maintenance is pushed forward as the core base of Kumamoto earthquake earthquake disaster museum handing down damage and lesson of earthquake in history.

We repeat studies as professional reciter of history so that "revival" of Minamiaso-mura founds flower and perform help to hand down memory and lesson.

■Image setting place: Tokai University Aso school building

■Image setting time: 2020

Minamiaso-mura homepage We open with the other window(external link)





- Frankie -

Frankie of "shipwright" rushes to Takamori-machi where Minami Aso Railway which is foot of going to hospital, attending school was cut apart.

Like teacher Tom who made the sea train, we sound hammer to the whole line resumption hope of disaster area at departure and arrival station of railroad if possible.

■Image setting place: Takamori station square

■Image setting time: 2020

Takamori-machi homepage We open with the other window(external link)




- Brooke -

In addition to College of Music, Brooke of "musician" rushes to Mifune-machi where many houses were damaged.

We push revival of mind of inhabitants from behind by rooters' song to Music College student and revival to play and light joke and aim at bright revival of town.

■Image setting place: Contact open space

■Image setting time: 2019

Mifune-machi homepage We open with the other window(external link)




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