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Whole B "Kumamoto forestry college" (self-tree trimming Hayashiya upbringing course [short-term course (2)]) lecture

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"Kumamoto forestry college" (self-tree trimming Hayashiya upbringing course [short-term course (2)]) - whole lecture -

 As "[short-term course (2)] of Kumamoto forestry college (self-tree trimming Hayashiya upbringing course),

 We held leader at Kumamoto forestry group workshop.

 After being in Yatsushiro-shi mirror Cultural Center culture hall, and, on Monday, July 29, 2019, holding,

 There were 85 members of forestry study group and participation of self-tree trimming Hayashiya.

Part of the morning from "Yamaga forestry workshop" of Kamoto area and "guy do forestry study group" local for eight generations,

Activity announcement in each group was carried out.


 a b

 Department of the afternoon invites Kunihiro Fukuda of "future workshop of chinaberry" representative as lecturer,

We performed lecture titled "the future of forestry to describe with chinaberry".


  "We could listen to active activity of other groups and, from participant, studied"

 We were asked about impression to "want to plant chinaberry promptly".

We are happy if useful for future approach as group activity again as self-tree trimming Hayashiya.


In addition, there will be the training for people wanting to become self-tree trimming Hayashiya in future.

 If person who is interested comes, please refer.

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