Prefectural Agricultural College "foreign countries agriculture training report" sixth day

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 We left hotel in the Sydney city that was accommodations at 6:00 a.m. to experience local market on the sixth day and were the training in furemintommaketto at position that lay across highway in the west by bus for about 30 minutes. The plottage was 43ha and the immensity, and, as for the marketed vegetables, product of farmhouse in a radius of about 100km was arranged. In addition, about flower, we treated 75% of New South Wales, Australian 50% of the whole, and share seemed to be particularly high.

Market was held until Monday through Friday, and local resident was used with form such as Farmers Market on Saturday and Sunday by purchase.

Student was interested in size of vegetables which were different from culinary plants and Japanese standards that we had not seen very much while doing visit to market, and figure which asked local coordinator through interpreter was frequent.


Afterwards, we carried out the voluntary training daylong after coming back to hotel, and having consumed breakfast. Based on plan that we planned in lecture of "overseas practice studies" for each group, we seem to have enjoyed sightseeing or shopping.


Student group photo Visit in market Question about farm products
Form of vegetables unlike Japan Fill-in in site Group photo after the training
Taking a ceremonial photograph with woman who had you guide 









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