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Registration of employee organization

  And Personnel Committee confirms what is organized democratically, and, employee organization where registration of employee organization consisted of local government employee including Local Public Service Law (they say "the ground basic chart" as follows.) predetermined requirements, the employee organization is system to do authentication.
○Merit of registration
 There is the following merit in registered employee organization.
  ・Standing in position where the authorities should accept offer of negotiations of registration employee organization positively (ground basic chart Article 55 Paragraph 1)
  ・Being able to recognize the full-time union official of the government list staff (2 of law Article 55)
○Requirements of registration
 So that having qualification that employee organization is registered with and is registered sequentially, with the next requirements it is necessary. In addition, member of general office work is mixed with managerial personnels, and registration will be canceled if in the first place it is not employee organization. 


 1. Matter of each terms at least soil basic chart Article 53 Paragraph 2 issue of employee organization being listed
 2. It is set that important matter of employee organization is decided by democratic procedure and being decided by the, in fact, procedure

 It sets procedure of being decided by the majority (about election of officer the majority of voter) of all the members by and directly secret vote to have opportunity when all members participate about making of terms or change, important act equivalent these of officer election or other equally and it is necessary practically that important act of these is decided by the procedure (ground basic chart Article 53 Paragraph 3). In addition, basic matter of participation, withdrawal to umbrella group of employee organization or tie-up, existence of employee organization including dissolution of employee organization and administration corresponds to "important act equivalent these other".

 3. Member of employee organization being organized only in the same official of local public entity

 Registration employee organization must be organized only having the staff except police personnel belonging to the same local public entity or staff of fire station (ground basic chart Article 53 Paragraph 4). It is principle that must consist of the staff belonging to "the same local public entity", but it is said that we can receive registration of Personnel Committee of the metropolis and districts even if the staff of a school who is the member about group which the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school organizes works at municipalities village school.

 In addition, "the staff" points to local government employee of general office work, and local government employee of special positions in the civil service is not included (e.g., special positions in the civil service Administrative Staff). In addition, we cannot become member of registration employee organization as staff of company is not included in "the staff". Staff of company can organize labor union in the Labor Union Law. On the other hand, the skill labor staff (the simple labor staff) can organize labor union in the Labor Union Law like staff of company, too, but can become member of registration employee organization.

 In addition, member of court staff in charge of miscellaneous services and staff of company cannot become member of registration employee organization, but it is admitted that we become officer (the ground basic chart Article 53 Paragraph 5 latter half).


○Example in conflict with registration requirements

 As you conflict with registration requirements in the following case, please be careful in administration.

  • We introduced election of officer as legislative bill of general meeting and approved in being unanimous by applause. (it conflicts with requirements 2)
  • By vote of terms change, it processed thing which was 45 votes of affirmative votes as the approval in 70 votes of valid vote in the group of 100 current members. (it conflicts with requirements 2)
  • We got approval of the majority of all the members after having accepted substitute vote about vote of terms change. (it conflicts with requirements 2)
  • Only attendant voted for ballot box at general meeting and, about terms change or officer change, was decided. (it conflicts with requirements 2)
  • The staff of public hospital which caught full-scale application of local public corporation act becomes union member. (it conflicts with requirements 3)
  • As there were only two staff of water supply section which was union member, we recognized participation to employee organization. (it conflicts with requirements 3)

○Effect stop, cancellation of registration

 If fact not to adapt to the requirements mentioned above does not do various reports at time that there was when registration employee organization was not employee organization, Personnel Committee stops effect of registration as far as we do not exceed 60 days by place to set in the regulations or can cancel registration.



Report duty of registration employee organization

 When we change terms or when change occurs in registered matters by reelection or other reasons of officer, employee organization registered with Kumamoto Personnel Committee must report so to our Personnel Committee within ten days from changed day (they say "the registration regulations" regulations (about registration of Kumamoto employee organization as follows.) Article 4 Paragraph 1).

 About report, please submit each two copies of submission documents. In addition, please list job full name of the person in charge and the contact information in notification form itself or envelope by all means as you may ask about report contents.

 There is group which report largely delays by omissions of transfer when person in charge of report changes in usual. Please report surely after having recognized that it is important procedure that becomes effect stop of registration or cancellation when we neglect enough.


<< before submitting >>

 You read the next documents, and please confirm whether you meet registration requirements.


<< submission documents >>

○In the case of change of terms

 Please submit for each two copies of next documents.

 Certificate (in the case of terms change) about decision of important act (word: 15.9 kilobytes) We open with the other window

・Copy of terms whole sentence after revision

○In the case of change of the registration application items mentioned (officer, the office location)

 Please submit for each two copies of next documents.


<< submission >>

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