The bill explanation point in September, 2019 Kumamoto assembly regular assembly

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1. About trend of recent prefectural government
 Prior to explanation of bill suggesting to this regular assembly, we explain trend of recent prefectural government.


(1) About restoration, revival from Kumamoto earthquake
 At first, restoration from Kumamoto earthquake revives.
 Three years four months passed from hatsuwazawai. The cause of readiness that it was mission for my third quarter worked on revival of native district Kumamoto who was greatly hurt by unprecedented earthquake disaster hard until now. As a result, restoration, revival from earthquake disaster advances steadily.
 Among 48,000 people entered temporary housing so far, 39,000 people more than 80% realize "the rebuilding of house". In addition, it is 96 of damaged company utilizing group subsidy. 3% completed restoration. Furthermore, Tawarayama route of prefectural road Kumamoto Takamori Line restores entirely on this month 14, and we aim at restoration in the next fiscal year about Route 57 north side route, Route 325 Ohashi, Aso, JR Hohi Line, and construction is pushed forward.
 But 9,000 people are still forced to life in temporary housing. Of these, as for most people, prospect of the rebuilding is in sight, but it is folded 89 households into which prospect of the rebuilding does not stand among them as of the end of July by various problems. We will support continuously and chiefly to have the rebuilding of house realize as soon as possible while grasping the each person's situation and intention carefully about these various places.
 Furthermore, toward revival town development of Mashiki-machi and realization of creative revival from Kumamoto earthquake including railroad access to airport, the cause of close cooperation with related organizations will make every possible effort.


(2) About holding of two international athletic meets
 Then, we hold two international athletic meets.
 Rugby World Cup 2019 finally begins on this month 20. France held in this prefecture vs. Tonga game, preparations for Wales vs. Uruguay game reach the final stage. We will get ready for all possible measures that players show the best performance at full stadium and have many of you coming from home and abroad enjoy Kumamoto.
 And women's handball world championships that became held in this prefecture alone cut another three months until the start. We will let you further accelerate holding preparations toward smooth administration of all 96 games and the achievement of the number of 300,000 people of watching games aim.
 We are convinced that we can touch big spring for creative revival by heaping up the prefectural whole by power of sports through these two holding of international athletic meet.


(3) About Aso Kumamoto Airport
 Then, about Aso Kumamoto Airport.
 Administration of Airport Terminal Building by "Kumamoto International Airport company" which was new administration incarnation of airport started on July 1. Activation of airport where we made use of private various know-how in is expected very much.
 And, about international flight, becoming realized three flights a week of Hong Kong Line from July 20. For sightseeing, we want to have many of you use Hong Kong line which convenience improved for business more and more. Including Macao or Shenzhen (shinsen), we deepen interchange with the area with one of the world's best economic power and, let alone Hong Kong, will connect with development of this prefectural economy.
 In addition, Laotian airline announced the line service plan to Aso Kumamoto Airport recently. When the service is realized, it becomes airline with nation's first and only Laos in Japan, and, for this prefecture, network with first Southeast Asia is born.
 While we add to East Asia including Hong Kong, and interchange with Southeast Asia where development is remarkable lets you increase, we take inbound demand surely and will open business development from Kumamoto to Asia.
 Gateway opening to Asia of Aso Kumamoto Airport will plan making and further improvement of international hub characteristics in future while taking cooperation closely with new company.


(4) About interchange with South American Peru
 Then, about interchange with South American Peru.
 In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Kumamoto association of people originating from the same prefecture in Peru, visit corps by Chairperson Ide, Deputy-Governor Ono visited Peru from August 7 through 14th. In capital Lima, we participated in commemorative ceremony and paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Mayor of Lima and performed wide exchange of opinions about international exchange of the two countries. And we think that it was opportunity when it is significant at all to have been able to tell all of the associations of people originating from the same prefecture about appreciation for approach of past a wide variety of interchange directly above all. We will widen ring of interchange of the two countries sequentially from now on.


2. About bill
 We will explain bill suggesting to regular assembly now successively.


 At first, general account revised budget includes business to plan restoration, revival from expense and Kumamoto earthquake needing for restoration from heavy rain damage of July, and it is increase revision of 6.6 billion yen for the total sum. In this way, the amount of budget after revision is 822.5 billion yen.

 In addition, we are suggesting authorization of the regulations item and financial statements to regular assembly in addition now.
 In addition, we are going to suggest about human resources matter more now during session.

 About these bills, we would appreciate your discussing.



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