From September 26, 2019 to December 16, 2019

"Public bath KUMAMON" which KUMAMON made Jack for a limited time terminated public bath on Monday, December 16!]

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Public bath KUMAMON


"Public bath KUMAMON" which KUMAMON made Jack for a limited time terminated public bath on [December 16].

Public bath KUMAMON logo
※"Public bath KUMAMON" which we carried out for a limited time from September 26 to December 16,
It was finished on December 16. We appreciate your arriving to many people.
Rugby World Cup and women's handball world championships are held in Kumamoto from this autumn.

Therefore we prepared for hospitality plan only by Kumamoto to be able to enjoy "public bath" of Japanese culture to foreign tourists who visited Kumamoto.

The stage Kumamoto public bath "bath down world."

Although we suffered from Kumamoto earthquake, only public bath picture avoids damage and we accomplish restoration now and do our best.

KUMAMON is jack this time in this "bath down world"!

Limited goods which are available "only in public bath KUMAMON" prepare to have you enjoy more and look forward to.

Come to "public bath KUMAMON" by all means in this occasion.


■English version Facebook is this

[Facebook page] KUMAMON's Kumamoto Diary We open with the other window(external link)

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■It is this about allied plan



Implementation period, time << ◆ finished on ◆ Monday, December 16 >>

From Thursday, September 26, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to Monday, December 16 from 16:00 to 22:00

※Tuesday, Wednesday is regular holiday every week

※Last entrance 21:30


Conduct place

Kumamoto public bath world cheap hot water

 Address: 448, Yoyasucho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

 Telephone: 096-325-8348

[from Kumamoto Station]

 ◆It is five minutes by taxi

 ◆It is about three minutes by "Kumamoto city bus": Motoyama Street getting off [central loop-formed (graduate school area)]

 ◆It is about 24 minutes by "kyushusanko bus": Sakuracho bus terminal way → Yoyasucho getting off [R1-2, R1-5, R3-3, R3-4, R3-5]




400 yen for adults (tax-included)


<< ◆ finished ◆ >>

About sale of "public bath KUMAMON" limitation goods (※ visitor limited sale favored with containing)

Only in "public bath KUMAMON" implementation period, we sell the following goods in world cheap hot water.

 ・"Public bath KUMAMON" bathing set (Japanese towel, KUMAMON seal, postcard two kinds)/600 yen (tax-included)

Public bath KUMAMON Japanese towelPublic bath KUMAMON postcard setKUMAMON seal
Japanese towelPostcard (two kinds)KUMAMON seal


        Hospitality seal (the photograph small)   
※About "hospitality" seal

・It is in foreigner that put tattoo for reasons of the family love in one of who visited Kumamoto.

・During period, to greet for heart of hospitality of Kumamoto toward such foreigners now, only for the use with hot water down world,

 You put "hospitality" "seal" toward the foreigner with tattoo, and please take a bath.

<< ◆◆ that special event of ◆◆ this was finished >>

Special event "hot water culture bodily sensation tour of Japan" by Kumamoto Prefectural University student (foreigner-limited) [was finished ※]

We hold collaboration event "Japanese hot water culture bodily sensation tours" that we did with Kumamoto Prefectural University student to be able to enjoy Kumamoto toward the foreign tourist more during "public bath KUMAMON" period. You mention Japanese culture, history, and please taste with the five senses.
Students suggested this tour and realized the basis of cooperation of Kumamoto DMC.

"Hot water culture bodily sensation tour of Japan" summary

 Saturday, October 5, 2019 (Raiwa 1), either of Saturday, October 12
[capacity] (only as for the foreigner)
 For each ten people
[entrance fee]
 3000 yen per person
[contents (plan)]
 12:30 acceptance start (ANA Crowne Plaza hotel Kumamoto news chi)
 Experience (kaho "friend shop") at 13:00 made with Japanese confectionery
 15:30 cityscape walk
 16:00 public bath experience (public bath KUMAMON)
 17:20 dissolution
[application, reference]
 Kumamoto DMC tour plaza KAMITORI
 Phone number 096-276-6895 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)




HandballWe open with the other window(external link)RugbyWe open with the other window(external link)

Representative from 24 countries teams are gathered by Kumamoto.

Chance that is seen by fight of the world top player close!

It is not 4 once a year.

Once in a life.




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