We began to sell version citizen of the prefecture notebook in 2021!

The last update date:

Citizen of the prefecture notebook beginning to sell for 2,021 years for!

  We sell from September 28!
  As for the version citizen of the prefecture notebook, information of sightseeing and product product of Kumamoto is varied other than calendar in three colors of cover colors, year, moon, week for 2,021 years.
  Please early if you would like to purchase!


Price, size

 600 yen (it includes consumption tax)

  ※When the purchase by mail is hoped for by our association, the postage and payment fee are needed separately.

   Please see attachment "price table".

 Notebook size: 170mm *94mm


The purchase procedure

(1) Application    (in application (attachment) by FAX, email, mail application over sending or telephone)

(2) The price payment (Japan Post Bank payment vote, payment of the sending ➡ price for bank transfer account guidance sentence)

(3) Citizen of the prefecture notebook shipment (after confirming payment, we send out in Japan Post or Sagawa Express)


Sale place

 (1)Association of Kumamoto statistics
 (2)Bookstore, dealer ... citizen of the prefecture notebook dealer table dealer table (Excel: 23.6 kilobytes) We open with the other window



 ・On cover leather software (red, dark blue, green), cover (the front and back) Kumamoto PR character "KUMAMON"
 ・Monthly schedule (ruled line version horizontal as for red, the dark blue as for the calendar version green), annual schedule  
 ・Week schedule (spread left-hand page date, right-hand page squares memo)
 ・Daily Roadside Station map of bank festival list of letter term, fair or rainy weather list (the past five years), Kumamoto, Kumamoto 
   ・Seasonal calendar of agriculture and forestry fishery products, farm and marine industries thing of sightseeing map & sightseeing spot introduction, Kumamoto      
 ・QR code publication (KUMAMON official site, prefectural homepage, prefectural data, prefectural disaster prevention information)
 ・Data, the central government office of Kumamoto including population according to the municipalities, engine of the prefecture main pivot government offices, the prefecture and consultation counter  
 ・The prefectural election Diet member list, member of prefectural assembly list, disaster prevention information, knowledge, the postage of disaster prevention 
 ・Passport application guidance, the relative table of forbidden degrees, the name of an era, the Christian era, age chart

   ・News (new corona infection prophylaxis), statistics public information from the prefecture








  6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

     Association of Kumamoto statistics (Kumamoto Statistics and Research Division)

      Charge: Matsumoto

      Telephone: 096-333-2174 (direct)

      FAX: 096-384-7544

      E-mail : [email protected]


※In addition, we raise citizen of the prefecture notebook dealers at any time. For details, please contact association of Kumamoto statistics mentioned above.

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