Do you not experience prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lecture?

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With prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lecture

 We carry out "prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lecture" to publicize approach of the prefecture to citizens of the prefecture widely in Kumamoto.

 In Sewage Environmental Management Division, we carry out lecture on the following themes.


Prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lecture (Sewage Environmental Management Division) theme

 Structure of household wastewater processing

 What kind of process does filthy water such as kitchen, bath, restroom accruing in everyday life become pure in?

About explanation and approach of the prefecture, the municipalities

 Maintenances such as septic tanks

 Contents, importance of structure and maintenance about septic tank which we usually use casually and maintenance

About influence when we neglected management


 Do you not use in study sessions in groups such as area or the workplace? Prefectural officials explain methods of structure of water cycle and eco-friendly approach at home clearly.

 Please see "about prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lectureWe open with the other window" about detailed thing and application.



Method of the use?


1. Target group?

 The number of participants that residents' association in Kumamoto, citizen's group or other groups and local residents host and carry out intends for almost more than 20 meetings.

 ※It is not for political activity group, religious activity, meeting for the purpose of for-profit activity.



2. Expense of attendance?

 The travel expenses or compensation necessary for lecturer dispatch are not necessary.
 But when want the venue fee for use for lecture attendance and charged distribution material, of applicant burden.

3. Application method?

 As we carry out the staff home delivery of cooked foods lecture in section except Sewage Environmental Management Division, please see "list of prefectural officials home delivery of cooked foods lecture themesWe open with the other window" in detail.

4. About schedule

 If application arrives, we contact for adjustment in schedule.
 In addition, besides we ask you to consider from application to lecture conduct as run-up may be necessary on applying.

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