From October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019

[we publicize in Fukuoka] We send charm of father "Shizo Kanaguri" of marathon in Japan hometown, Kumamoto! ... now, Kumamoto are hot! ...

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Shizo Kanaguri leaflet

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[we publicize in Fukuoka] Attractive dispatch of father "Shizo Kanaguri" of marathon in Japan hometown, Kumamoto! ... now, Kumamoto are hot! ... 

In Fukuoka, Kumamoto office, we send charm of Kumamoto in venue of event "yoga Marchais Fukuoka 2019" of autumn of Fukuoka.

We are from Kumamoto and, in Kumamoto PR booth of venue, install corner introducing charm of the ground of Japanese's first Olympian "Shizo Kanaguri" called "father of marathon in Japan" and the connection and tell about charm of hot spring of Kumamoto where information of "girl handball world championships" held in Kumamoto from November 30, the number of the sources, gush quantity boasts of the whole country fifth place to together.

We look forward to many visits. 


1 implementation period

  From Saturday, October 12, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to 13th Sunday

2 conduct time

  From 10:00 to 16:00 (with both days)

3 conduct places

  The Maizuru Park "yoga Marchais Fukuoka 2019" venue (Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)

4 exhibition contents

(1) Japanese first Olympics player "Shizo Kanaguri" PR corner "race is hot! "

 We display chronological table of Japanese first Olympics player "Shizo Kanaguri" and life-sized panel in main characters of NHK Taiga Drama Series "idaten" of this year, and "Taiga Drama Series building" and "Shizo Kanaguri museum" opening in broadcast of Taiga Drama Series in total introduce gold facility related to chestnut to "the Shizo Kanaguri Memorial" (the birthplace).

 Information of "Tamana idaten marathon" of the first holding will send in February again next year.

 Furthermore, special product of Tamana area hits when answer questionnaire about sightseeing; galla; hold lottery pop.

[exhibition group]

Tamana-shi, Nagomi-machi, Nankan-machi Taiga Drama Series "idaten - Tokyo Olympic story ..." area promotion meeting


<booth image> 

 Booth image 1   Booth image 2 Booth image 3




(2) Sale "coffee of "soybean coffee" is hot from ground, Nagomi-machi related to Shizo Kanaguri! "

  We sell coffee "Nagomi soybean Coffee" made only with soybean from Nagomi-machi, Kumamoto.

  We roast carefully and, using soybean "Fuku Yutaka" from Kumamoto, finish whether it is full of flavors.

  As you can sample, please drop in.

  [exhibition group] Village of relief Takano community improvement meeting

    Soybean coffee


(3) We watch a game 2019 girl handball world championships PR corner "and are hot! "

 "Women's handball world championships" placed as one of the revival from Kumamoto earthquake Kumamoto holding is deciding match best among the girl handball world. We look forward to watching games in Kumamoto by all means.

<period> From Saturday, November 30, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to Sunday, December 15

※All 96 games are held in the Kumamoto prefecture (Kumamoto-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Yamaga-shi)


(4) Hot spring new brand "more bear hot water beautiful woman" PR corner "hot spring is hot! "

 Because as a result of having analyzed characteristic of hot spring in the prefecture with well-informed person with quantity of gush, the source total number of hot springs are hot spring large country, Kumamoto of the national fifth place together, it became clear that there are many spring qualities to promote "fair skin action", we launch hot spring new brand "more bear hot water beautiful woman" who targeted woman. We are composed of 10 brands which featured the theme of nice "skin care" "beauty" to woman, and spring quality can perform hot water circulation that we matched on the stage of hot spring resort.


In addition, in PR booth, we prepare for tourist brochure in Kumamoto and send sightseeing information. Please drop in!




5 "KUMAMON" "Tama, mew" about support

On Saturday, October 12, "Tama rushes mew" to venue for support of Kumamoto PR booth Tamana-shi mascot Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager "KUMAMON".

<going to arrive time>

The first: Around 12:50 ... (stage appearance and Kumamoto PR booth support)

The second: Around 14:30 ... (stage appearance and Kumamoto PR booth support)


※But please note that you may be changed by the situation.


6 reference

"yoga Marchais Fukuoka 2019"

While, commencing with yoga, having many people experience nature-oriented food and goods, flower (plant), living information more, and enjoying

Event for the purpose of raising "practice of health promotion" and "charm as city of Fukuoka" with space of peace more.

[date] From Saturday, October 12 to 13th Sunday

[sponsorship] yoga Marchais Fukuoka executive committee others

[place] Ohorikoen, the Maizuru Park whole area

[contents] Great moat park yoga (Ohorikoen), yoga Marchais (Maizuru Park Nishihiro ground)

As for the details of event, please see official homepage We open with the other window(external link).

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