Fruit tree-related research institute announces result of the latest study

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 On Wednesday, September 11, we held Kumamoto Agricultural Research Center fruit tree-related results of research presentation We open with the other windowat Agricultural Research Center fruit tree research institute in 2019.
 This presentation is held every year to transmit kenkyunari about fruit tree to the person concerned widely, and to examine directions of future test and research (as for the summary of the day
 Agriculture group, scholar of agriculture, municipalities, 94 people including the prefectural agriculture relations staff participated this time.
Sponsor greetings (Sakaki fruit tree study director)Guest greetings (forest prefecture fruit agricultural cooperative federation production department's deputy manager)

Sponsor greetings (Sakaki fruit tree study director)

Guest greetings (shukenkajitsunogyokyodokumigorengokaiseisambujicho)

 At first, fruit tree research institute, Institute for Amakusa agriculture, Kuma agriculture research institute performed presentation about the latest results of research.


Announcement of "the citrus fruit storage method that we accepted at shipment time" of "I hate seeing"Announcement of "two times a year of fertilization method utilizing effect of a fertilizer adjustment type manure" of "manure is rich"


Ponkan orange which is citrus fruit made specially in Amakusa area, "Kiyomi", it is announcement of growth change accompanied with warming of "kawanaibankan"Announcement of "pear influence that "sweet, large", cover bag time of no white unlined kimono bag gives to fruit quality and storable duration characteristics"


Announcement of "December shipment is possible by vinyl coating of the beginning of October in greenhouse culture kaki" "large autumn"Announcement of "nature of excellent result mother branch with much epiphytism of female flower in chestnut" "bikuri"


 Then, in the general discussion, participant exchanging opinions with person was performed through active questions and answers.

General discussion (1)General discussion (2)General discussion (3)

General discussion (1)

General discussion (2)

General discussion (3)


 Finally local review meeting about results of research that we announced in ho ground was held, and we had a question flourishingly, and even this overflowed from participant in vigor very much.

Local review meeting (1)Local review meeting (2)

Local review meeting (1)

Local review meeting (2)


Local review meeting (3)Local review meeting (4)

Local review meeting (3)

Local review meeting (4)

 About result that we announced in the past, you can see the details from "every public announcement year" hereWe open with the other window.

 Results of research which is interested in what is going to perform announcement, please look in right or wrong at any time in future from each research institute.

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