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About the Land Law of unknown owner

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  Law (called "the Land Law of unknown owner" as follows.) about facilitation of the use of land of unknown owner took special measures of exception of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act about measures for conduct of area public welfare increase business, owner ignorance land expropriation or use, use of information about landowners and offer and others to plan effective search of facilitation of the use of owner ignorance land and landowner taking owner ignorance land (※) increasing with change of social economic situation into consideration and was established for the purpose of having, and contributing to the appropriate and rational use of country.

(※) With land of unknown owner

 It is land which does not get through even if owner still less becomes clear even if we investigate by records at government and public offices information such as real estate registers or we become clear.

* With measures to plan facilitation of the use of land of unknown owner

 It is expropriation or measures of following (1) allowing you to use and (2) in land (※) of unknown authorized owner.

(※) With land of unknown authorized owner
   Land which, in fact, building (removes small building of simple structure.) does not exist among land of unknown owner and is not offered in other special uses for one of duties  

  It is thing of this.

 Measures for conduct of 1 area public welfare increase business
    It allows you to use land for the following business to be carried out to plan increase of the joint welfare and convenience such as local residents.
  (1) Main target facility
   ・ Park, green tract of land, open space, athletic ground
   ・ Road, parking lot
   ・ School, public hall, library
   ・ Social welfare facility, hospital, medical office
   ・ House for the residence of victim
   ・ The purchasing facility, culture cultural facilities (facility where is similar at the outskirts is limited to cases short remarkably)
  (2) It is driven by conduct
     Local public entity, private enterprise, NPO, residents' association, neighborhood association
   Have a lot on local public welfare increase business; (PDF: 3.38 megabytes) We open with the other window

 Exception of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act about land expropriation of unknown 2 owners or use
    Without, about business that received business authorization of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act, passing through trial procedure in Expropriation Committee about land of unknown authorized owner in the company place
   It allows you expropriate from or to use.

* With measures to plan effective search of landowner

(1) The use of related information such as landowners and offer
    For preparations for business operation mentioned above administration related information (person in information about person seeming to be landowners such as landowners in business operation area
   The inside uses), and full name, name, address allow conduct actor to receive the provision of information concerned from administration.

(2) Exceptions of Immovable Property Registration Law pertaining to unfinished land such as the long-term inheritance registration
    When is not registered the inheritance for a long term land in area that is going to carry out business, registrar meets a conduct-centered demand, registration titler of the proprietary rights
   That, in the official authority, the inheritance registration is land which is not done after the person registered human death of proprietary rights for long term after having searched for person who can become in this; in register
   We add and allow you to recommend person who can become registration titler vs. the inheritance registration to do.

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