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October 19, 2019

By "Kumamoto muscle savings exercises" casually health promotion

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We created Kumamoto muscle savings exercises


By "Kumamoto muscle savings exercises" casually health promotion 

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 As new tool of "Kumamoto smart life project" that is approach of the diabetes prevention and spread of health promotions enlightenment for working generation (※) even as for cause, whom of the Associate Professor NHK Kinki University living thing department of science and engineering Michiya Tanimoto (tanimotomichiya) whom "even muscle exercises are famous for together" supervision created "Kumamoto muscle savings exercises" to be able to work on casually.

 These exercises are comprised of five movement, (1) "Yamaga garden lantern daughter" and (2) "pheasant horse" (3) "car prawns" (4) "Kiyomasa Kato" (Prince Kiyomasa) of Kumamoto called (5) "Mt.Daikanbo" is related; name.

 We think that we want citizens of the prefecture to wrestle with friendly feeling by all means.

(※) It is ... with "Kumamoto smart life project"

 Project that aimed for citizen of the prefecture being healthy well, and being able to spend every day happily.

We promote "sleep where care, (6) of exercise that six action (1) to postpone healthy life expectancy is moderate, the eating habits that (2) is appropriate, (3) non-smoking, (4) medical examination and cancer screening consultation, (5) tooth and oral cavity are enough" for.



[Kumamoto muscle savings exercises VOL.2]





 [Kumamoto muscle savings exercises VOL.1]


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