We are displayed with mode now at large-scale disaster.

As pet is not lost at the time of disaster

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We evacuate leaving pet out of necessity and, at the time of disaster, may get separated from pet. It is necessary for protected pet to state owner clearly so that owner can be restored. We can see from the outside, and anyone touches child's identification card that it is revealed immediately, and owner attaches microchip surely even if child's identification card falls off so that it is revealed and can raise effect by taking measures that we register with the animal ID spread promotion meeting (AIPO).


Measures example not to be lost

 (in the case of dog)

 ● Collar and child's identification card

 ● License and rabies vaccination finished vote

  (as for the owner by Rabies Prevention Law wearing of license and preventive injection and it has been injected wearing of vote of once a year imposition)

 ● Microchip


(in the case of cat) 

 ● Collar and child's identification card

 ● Microchip 

                                                                        Cat microchipDog microchip                          Cat name cardDog name card

In Kamoto area animal protection promotion meeting, we promote microchip introduction.

Under microchip wearing assistance business operation

 ● When we attach microchip about six months when Yamaga citizen breeds in the city after birth or more dogs and cats in cooperation Hospital in Yamaga-shi, we assist a part of microchip wearing expense. Person that delivery of subsidies is hoped for, please perform subsidy grant application. (there are supporting requirements) is made.

 ● "Microchip subsidy grant application" reception desk period 

    From Monday, September 2, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to January 31, 2020 (Raiwa 2) Friday

   (finished as soon as subsidy disappears)

 ● In subsidy grant application, please confirm supporting important matters.


    Yamaga public health center hygiene Environment Division (465-2, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi TEL: 0968-44-4121)


With microchip

 It is 1 2mm in diameter, cylindrical electronic mark appliance of around 8-12mm in length.

   The inside consists of IC, condenser, electrode coils, and the outside is covered with the living body conformity glass.

 15 digits of only numbers (number) are recorded in the world, and each 2 tips can read in exclusive leaders (reading device).

 It is used in security of 3 animals as certain individual identification (birth and parentage proof) widely all over the world including Europe and America.
                                                                                                                                  The microchip insertion device


Method of implantation

 ● We pour into the body using tip inspirator which is slightly bigger than normal needle.

 ● They ask pain almost as same as normal injection and are broken, and sedative or anesthetic are not usually necessary.

 ● In the implantation place, skin bottom behind neck is common.

 ● Dog is told that 2 weeks of age, cat after birth can do implantation from 4 weeks of age after birth.

               Microchip reading


Registration methods such as data of owner

 ● Owner registers microchip number and data such as the name, address, contact information of owner with "the animal ID spread promotion meeting" (AIPO).

 ● Registration fee is 1,000 yen.

                                                                                                                                    Completion office action





  AIPO is abbreviation of Animal ID Promotion Organization (the animal ID spread promotion meeting) and is organization which performs microphone and the spread consent and data management of animal individual identification such as dog or cat with tip, and is.


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