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Disaster prevention of pet

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Disaster is caused suddenly.
We suffer from not only people but also pet.
The everyday preparation and mental attitude are important that people and pet feel relieved and live.


With company evacuation

Company evacuation
We go together with pet which owner breeds, and company evacuation is action to shelter safely to evacuation sites.
People do not mean thing which pet can live in in the same space in refuge and the temporary housing. As breeding environment of pet varies according to refuges, please follow management rule of pet which each refuge established. For evacuation that was with pet beforehand prepare, and let's talk about company evacuation methods with family. 


What is demanded from owner

Because it is the owner that protects pet at the time of disaster occurrence, at first, it is necessary for owner to be safe. As well as pet, let's possess so that the owner ensures own security.
In addition, it is necessary to protect rule of pet management that thing and refuge preventing you from infecting other people and pets set from pet keeping when we take shelter at refuge which Yamaga-shi opens at the time of disaster occurrence. To that end, it is anti-disaster measures that breeding of everyday appropriate pet including health side and discipline is the most effective.


The everyday preparation

・Disaster prevention measures (we will confirm whether place where pet is usually does not have danger) of house and breeding place
・Discipline (we will adjust "sitting down" to keeping in gauge other than basic movement "waiting" for for life at refuge) of pet

・Health care (the extermination of vaccination and chisel tick)
・Castration, sterilization
・Measures (owner clear statement with license, child's identification card or microchip) for pet not to be missing
・Securing of evacuation article and storage product for pet (for at least five days)
・Confirmation of evacuation method and evacuation route
・Security of place of refuge and imprisonment except refuge of pet
・Conduct of participation in company fire drill and fire drill (simulation) by family unit
・Summary (we fill in treatment record, information of pet and owner including vaccination career and will keep with disaster prevention goods) of pet information that we can carry


Collection of links to be useful for the preparation to disaster

We open with the other window (Ministry of the Environment brochure "let's protect pet! Disaster prevention measures) http://www.env.go.jp/nature/dobutsu/aigo/2_data/pamph/h2909a.html

We open with the other window It is http://www.env.go.jp/nature/dobutsu/aigo/2_data/pamph/h2309a.html (as Ministry of the Environment brochure "wants to always stay together")

We open with the other window(Ministry of the Environment "disaster, you and pet are all right It is) http://www.env.go.jp/nature/dobutsu/aigo/2_data/pamph/h3009a.html person topettono anti-disaster measures guidelines <general owner edition>

We open with the other window(Ministry of the Environment "anti-disaster measures guidelines on people and pet") http://www.env.go.jp/nature/dobutsu/aigo/2_data/pamph/h3002.html


Action that owner should perform at the time of disaster occurrence

Company evacuation with pet when evacuation is necessary
Appropriate breeding (observance of breeding manner, hygiene management, securing of health and security of pet) of pet in refuge 


Approach of Yamaga public health center

Let's put microchip to recognize owner even if pet is lost. (even if license and child's identification card come off at the time of disaster, we recognize owner.)

★We carry out microchip introduction promotion business by Kamoto area animal protection promotion meeting in 2019 (Raiwa 1).
 It is targeted for residence in Yamaga-shi and supports microchip wearing expense to house dog domestic cat.
 For more details, to Yamaga public health center hygiene Environment Division. (TEL: 44-4121)

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