November 10, 2019

[we publicize in Kitakyusyu] We hold the site PR event of world hand for women at Kokura Station! I smell ... Kumamoto, eight generations; project in Kokura Station ...

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KUMAMON handball

KUMAMON handball 

We hold the site of world meeting PR event at Kokura Station! We will come to ... Kumamoto, Yatsushiro to play! ... 


Yatsushiro area poster
 In cooperation with trip to Japan, we send charm of the world meeting and charm of the meeting site (Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto) to push "2019 girl handball world championships" placed for one of symbol of revival from Kumamoto earthquake held success from behind in Fukuoka, Kumamoto office and "I smell PR event to plan attracting tourist from North Kyushu District to Kumamoto, Yatsushiro for Kumamoto, eight generations and carry out project in Kokura Station".

In the JR-Ogura Station yard, we install sightseeing booth sending charm of Kumamoto, Yatsushiro and world meeting PR booth and distribute tourist brochure or trip product discount flyer in front of Kokura Station and plan attracting tourist to Kumamoto, Yatsushiro.

In addition, through PR by Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager "KUMAMON", we send charm of world meeting and charm of Kumamoto, Yatsushiro.

Commencing with watching games of world meeting, come to Yatsushiro where is full of charm including "Myouken, Yatsushiro festival" of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage by Hinagu Onsen, Kyushu's three biggest festivals by all means.

We look forward to many visits.


1I vent name

  Kumamoto X trip to Japan "Kumamoto, I smell for eight generations project" in Kokura Station

2 sponsorship

  Fukuoka, Kumamoto office
  Balloon Kyushu Division where trip to Japan is red

3 date and time

  Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Raiwa 1) from 10:30 to 16:00

4 conduct places

 JR-Ogura Station

(1-1-1, Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka)


5 advertising corps member

Yatsushiro-shi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto office

6 contents

(1) World meeting PR, sightseeing in Yatsushiro PR corner setting

Other than charm of "2019 girl handball world championships", we send Myouken, Yatsushiro festival, charm of Yatsushiro-shi including Hinagu Onsen.

When reply questionnaire, local special product hits for eight generations; galla; hold lottery pop.

<time> From 10:30 to 16:00



(2) "I smell Kumamoto, eight generations"; PR activity and support by "KUMAMON"

  We perform PR of world meeting by advertising corps, sightseeing PR and brochure distribution.

  At the same time, we carry out PR by Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager "KUMAMON".

  The first: Around 11:30 ...

  The second: Around 14:30 ...

  ※Please note that you may change by the situation at dispatch time of KUMAMON.


(3) Sales promotion of Kumamoto area trip product of trip to Japan TiS Ogura Branch

  Have receive trip product brochure (※) of the Kumamoto area on the day of the event, afterwards actually

 We prepare privilege for customer who had you apply for trip product.

 [privilege] Target trip product is 5 off

 [condition of discount] Trip product target with "discount flyer" to distribute with brochure in trip to Japan TiS Ogura Branch window after bringing in the case of application

   ※Trip product (accommodation to Kumamoto) of the Kumamoto area that "balloon Kyushu Division where trip to Japan is red" plans applies



7 reference

◆2019 girl handball world championships

Summary: World's best deciding match of women's handball. All games are held in the Kumamoto prefecture (Kumamoto-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Yamaga-shi).

Period From November 30, 2019 (Raiwa 1) to December 15 [all 96 games]

While it releases trip product that watching games ticket was bundled with accommodation in Yatsushiro-shi during meeting period in trip to Japan, it is We open with the other window(external link).

※For more information about "2019 girl handball world championships", please see official homepage We open with the other window(external link).


◆Myouken, Yatsushiro festival

 Festival event that is registered with the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage by Kyushu's three biggest festivals. Classic program which has been inherited from the Edo era about 380 years ago

The attendance a lot of in the times as picture scroll.

 "We steal" imaginary animal that snakes were united, tortoise snake and are got close to tortoise by toiu nickname. Figure that tortoise snake of up to 5m goes on the rampage is the best part!

Date: Every year November 22 and 23

Sponsorship: Myouken, Yatsushiro festival preservation promotion meeting

※As for the details of "Myouken, Yatsushiro festival", please see Yatsushiro-shi homepage We open with the other window(external link).



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