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We introduce in citizens of Kumamoto college "pareamyujiamu" in 2019

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"Do you know? Inheritance of Kumamoto of Japan"


It is held in pareamyujiamu

State of pareamyujiamu
 It opened lecture about inheritance of Japan in citizen of the prefecture interchange building parea on Tuesday, October 29. In "pareamyujiamu" hosted by Kumamoto lifelong learning promotion center, it was contents of 90 minutes when the Cultural Affairs Division staff acted as lecturer, but it was since the last prosperity participant more than capacity came. Japanese inheritance system that we took local charm dispatch on is the start fifth year in this year. We add to Kuma, Hitoyoshi area authorized in the first year in Kumamoto, and the Kikuchi River basin is authorized in 2017. We introduced about originality to be seen only for system of Japan inheritance and Japan inheritance of Kumamoto to have people who mentioned inheritance of Japan for the first time know in lecture. It was deep molding interactive lecture that it was provided a lot opinion positively about cultural assets in participant. What is made to send treasure of Kumamoto that is not known still more?……In discussion meeting, we were able to share felt opinion of feeling to yearn for Kumamoto. Thank you, all of you who had you cooperate.

We introduce even Pare alloB exhibition

State of Pare alloB exhibition
 It was between 17 - 30 days and, to lecture holding in pareamyujiamu, performed Japanese inheritance panel exhibition on citizen of the prefecture interchange building the ninth floor of parea in October.
 It was limited period, but we stopped and watched, and, in lobby used as oasis, figure of people who took brochure about constitution cultural assets as hand was seen.

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