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[offer extension of term!] It recruits participants of aratama living emigration experience monitor tour!

The last update date:

We experience living of Arao, Kumamoto, Tamana area (Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Gyokuto-machi, Nagomi-machi, Nankan-machi, Nagasu-machi)!

It recruits participants of "aratama living emigration experience monitor tour"!

It is located in the northwestern part of Kumamoto, and convenience of traffic is good, and Arao, Tamana area is area where there is moderate rural living.


・We are interested in local living!

・We want to make child care in area full of nature!

・Convenience of traffic wants to live in good place to Fukuoka and Osaka!

・We want to talk with senior immigrant!

・We want to sense taste of water and food bodily!   


It recruits people who are interested in nado, "aratama living".


★Charm of tour★

(1) The date and time, course to hope for is available! Course arrangement is possible, too!

(2) We show around Arao, Tamana area in a mass!

(3) Toward the child care generation, we show around facilities such as park, kindergarten, elementary school!

(4) We prepare for experience-based activity only in Arao, Tamana area!

(5) To tour participant, we support to one set of 20,000 yen!


Please apply! We will be waiting.


[summary of tour]

The date and time (2 days and 1 night) when from November, 2019 to February, 2020 hope for 1 implementation period

2 place Arao, Kumamoto, Tamana area

(Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Gyokuto-machi, Nagomi-machi, Nankan-machi, Nagasu-machi)

Where emigration, U-turn to 3 application condition/Arao, Tamana area are examined

      Person who can cooperate with questionnaire

4 application deadline/Friday, January 31, 2020

We accept and become the end as soon as it becomes subscription for 5 number of people/three sets capacity.

6 tour participation furtherance costs/one set upper limit 20,000 yen


[application method]

Tell about the following contents by telephone or email.

(1)Name of Representative, age (2) address

(3)Contact information (phone number, e-mail address)

(4)The number of participants (adult ○ name, child ○ name)

(5)Companion full name, age

(6)In tour preferred date

(7)Course to hope for

 A course: Living course full of nature

 B course: Convenient living course where the country is not too much

(8)Request want to know


For more information:


aratama living monitor tour secretariat TEL: 096-346-1711

[general plan] [email protected]



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