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 "Agriculture business lecture" held on Wednesday, October 30 was our school tenth graduate, and there was lecture from Hiroyuki Yamashita played an active part as agriculture consultant titled "lecture not to regret after agricultural college graduation" to learn from failure teacher.


 We looked back on your agricultural college life for 2 years, and keywords of today's lecture included "17,520" numbers, and story was developed by contents which pulled interest of student hot. In fact, we converted this number, agricultural college life two years at time, and had guilty conscience to having wasted all these time tell student.


 This regret was compared saying "we failed!", and "person that characteristic of "people" to offend was thinking only about oneself" and scene which had student tell, "custom of "people" who failed is people who wasted time" with experiences were impressive.


 In addition, we had you set at time when you raised good place with the next student in lecture each other, and yell was sent to student saying "society which graduated from agricultural college, and jumped out carried role of people each and stood and made use of own expertise and will polish more!" and finished lecture with peaceful atmosphere.


Lecture contents which snuggled up to jitters of studentToday's slide materialWe take lectures altogether for 1 or 2 years
It was story that snuggled up to jitters of student.It is slide material of lecture.All students of 1 or 2 years participated.


With purpose of studentThere did not seem to be readily even always close students in occasion that gave each other's good pointsStudent who gives each other's good points
While signification of agricultural college life is confirmed, story advances.There are not readily even usually close students in occasion giving each other's good points.We attended lecture with peaceful atmosphere.



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