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 Agriculture business lecture held on Wednesday, November 6 was story about self-developed AI vegetables crop Robo by inaho agricultural communicator Tomohiro Fujii titled "next-generation agriculture partnership by RaaS ※ model". (abbreviation of ※ Robot as a Servis)


 We distinguish vegetables of crop proper time by sensor and image processing, and AI vegetables crop Robo is automatic robot which we can harvest. It travels farm and the house as we set before work and reduces burden of crop work by automatically harvesting.


 We had you talk about the current situation of agriculture of Netherlands United States Israel in foreword of lecture, and there was problem in planning improvement of farm productivity in each country and was introduced example that robot was introduced into for the problem solution. It is picture of American apple crop machine that student in particular was surprised. We prepare apple tree planarly and are cultivated so that robot can recognize apple. In addition, about crop, we harvested apples in sequence to aspirate from mouth which grew into a hose form.


 The issue of Japanese remarkable agriculture included "aging, labor shortage" and we seemed to aim at the spread of "AI vegetables crop Robo" from the current situation that needed time to crop of product most on the site of thing and agriculture that hands lacked more and more in future and had you say, "we push forward introduction of robot corresponding to labor shortage as main customer other than asparagus in greenhouse culture farmhouse such as eggplant and cucumber" in future vision.


Example introduction of agriculture in the United StatesAll students participate for 1 or 2 yearsRaaS model for improvement in benefit of farmers
We introduce robot introduction example in overseas agricultureAll students are lecture attendance for 1 or 2 yearsFill-in about "improvement in income system by the RaaS model spread of farmhouse"


Crop machineStudent who asks a questionFujii in response to question of student
Asparagus crop Robo of the company's productStudent who asks about "structure that robot works to front and back and neighboring space between the ribs."Fujii who has you answer question of student.




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