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Prefectural Agricultural College agriculture business lecture fifth Hiroshi Miyakawa orchid Masato Miyakawa lecture

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 Agriculture business lecture held on Wednesday, November 13 was story that we titled to Masato Miyakawa who ran yorangyo in Sankakucho, Kumamoto saying "we protect area and field by oneself!".

State of lecture
 Miyakawa paid the attention to wild boar damage of farm products that it was in problem nationwide while we cultivated mini-yoran and Orchis graminifolia for gifts through the year, and was sold by delivery to home delivery service 50,000 a year or more and launched organization of "Kumamoto ☆ farmhouse hunter" in 2016. And gibier maintains factory in this October and works on activity to protect area and field through wild boar measures by young farmers. We had you tell the activity to student this time.
 We were introduced to experiences at the time while various uneasy elements were given from all around when we raised "Kumamoto ☆ farmhouse hunter" saying "we wrote load to oneself by talking to people, and dream realized own dream".
 Finally words of "profit were given after the first debate" and were informed by "thing and student whom nature and profit followed later message if they woke up friend and local helpful action earlier".
Agriculture business lecture that all students attend Introduction with video Thought to farmhouse hunter





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