The news third of "KUMAMON fan Thanksgiving Day @ OSAKA STATION!"

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 Holding of "KUMAMON fan Thanksgiving Day @ OSAKA STATION" finally approached Saturday and Sunday of this week.
 We will tell about lottery method of "space-time open space" stage seat this time.


<seat lottery time>
1st stage from 10:00 to 10:20
2nd stage from 12:00 to 12:20
3rd stage from 14:30 to 14:50
※I would like cooperation so that it is not gathered before lottery time.
 Particularly, wait in the Osaka Station yard from early morning is not accepted firmly.
※Seat assumes replacing for each stage.


○Lottery is divided into two kinds of "public bar" "family seat" and performs.
(1) Public bar: 64 seats (the second row - fifth row) ※The number of the seats may be changed.
・As lottery participation in group (we include parent and child, couple, relative, friend) is not possible, please participate in lottery one by one.
(2) Family seat: 16 seats (the front row) ※The number of the seats may be changed.
・Family seat intends for group of child and protectors who are younger than primary schoolchild.
・But it is said that the number of protectors is the number of children or less.
・When it is elected, please enter seat (family seat) for the won group number of people.


<flow of lottery>
(1)If it is lottery reception desk start time, please stand in line in each lottery venue (the space-time open space stage side) of "public bar" "family seat".
(2)After reception hours, we distribute lottery ticket. (we distribute family seat to group representatives.)
(3)After the lottery, we will announce lucky number than the staff. When you do not come to lottery venue then, it becomes successful invalidity and cannot enter seat.
(4)Elected person, please enter seat by instruction of the staff.
(5)As winning ticket is necessary on re-entry, please be careful not to lose.


Person who came off in <lottery can enjoy!>
※We broadcast "KUMAMON stage" live in large vision of 2F atrium open space.
※"KUMAMON" appears frequently somewhere in Osaka Station at time when we do not appear on stage. We will look for "KUMAMON" in this chance! (hint of haunting place is written on flyer!)

Flyer (table)  Flyer (the back)

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