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About change of the number of "KUMAMON fan Thanksgiving Day @ OSAKA STATION" seats

The last update date:

 As there was change on account of the venue construction, we will tell about the number of stage seats of "KUMAMON fan Thanksgiving Day @ OSAKA STATION".


(1) Public bar: 64 seats → 66 seats (the second row - fifth row)
(2) Family seat: 16 seats → 14 seats (the front row) 

※On account of stage viewing, we reduced two seats of front row.

※As we may perform remodification of the number of the seats by the situation of the day, we add beforehand.
※We broadcast "KUMAMON stage" live in large vision of 2F atrium open space.


 In addition, holding summaries are as follows. We look forward to your visit.


○"KUMAMON fan Thanksgiving Day @ OSAKA STATION" holding summary

[the date and time] From Saturday, November 23, 2019 to 24th Sunday

[venue] JR Osaka Station (Kita-ku, Osaka-shi)

All of fan and "KUMAMON" which wants to be idle appear frequently in many places of JR Osaka Station this year as well as stage!

★Look for KUMAMON!
(1)We photograph KUMAMON appearing frequently somewhere in Osaka Station (except space-time open space)
(2)We take a picture with 2 or more kinds of "KUMAMON photo frames" which read QR code in four open spaces, three tie-up facilities, and got
 QR code panel setting place: Open space of the departure, the south gate open space, atrium open space, space-time open space, Hotel Granvia Osaka, ekimarushie Osaka, the new Umeda esophagus street
(1)(2)Challenge this, and galla; let's participate in lottery pop!
★PR stage (open space of 5F space-time)
★Business trip! KUMAMON square (open space of the 1F departure)
★Kumamoto Marchais (2F atrium open space)
★We carry out tie-up plan in Hotel Granvia Osaka, ekimarushie Osaka, the new Umeda esophagus street!

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