The food safety 110th [the 2018 number]

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The food safety 110th


In the prefecture, we install "the food safety 110th" and accept consultation or inquiry about food indication from citizens of the prefecture.
In addition, we perform investigation, instruction when it is necessary based on information that we had.

* Setting place
The Kumamoto prefectural government office Department of Environment and Residential Life citizen of the prefecture life station Life Safety Promotion Division

* Establishment time and phone number
From 8:30 on weekdays to 17:15 (from 12:00 except 13:00)
Tel 096-333-2290 or 096-387-5558

* Reception desk information
・Questions about quality indication system of information, food about suspicious food indication such as non-appropriate indication
※We provide information as needed in related organizations (the public health center, Kyushu agricultural administration station).

* Summary of consultation
Consultation and epitome such as inquiries sent to "the food safety 110th" are as follows.
496 number of 1 consultation (from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)
(1) Food classification

Perishables (54)Processed food (431)Other than indicationThe total
Farm productsLivestock productsFishery productsFarm productsLivestock productsFishery productsOthers


※When it is one consultation and is consultation about plural products, we include main food for one. 


(2) Information division

We violate indicationInquiryOpinion, requestComplaintThe total



(3) Reception desk methods such as consultation 
TelephoneMailFAXEmailOthersThe total



 (4) Allied legal classification

Food notationPremium notationThe food hygiene lawHealth Promotion ActOthersThe total

※Thing sitting astride plural laws includes quality matter, hygiene matter, health matter for one each.

※Food notation includes quality matter, hygiene matter, health matter for one each. 


Main contents such as 2 consultation 

Thing about name40
Thing (we include the raw materials place of origin) about the place of origin84
Thing (containing a certain characteristic raw material) about original discretion70
Thing about additive12
Thing about allergen10
Thing about inner capacity7
Expiry date, thing about the expiration date12
Thing about preservation method5
Thing about manufacturer40
Thing about food safety and hygiene3
Thing about nourishment ingredient indication5
Thing about health functions0
General indication consultation (we include indication confirmation of company)184
The total496


(reference) The number of past consultation

423 2017

400 2016

468 2015

388 2014

373 2013

286 2012

249 2011





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