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We held "discussion meeting for people concerned with school education" in Kumamoto

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We held "discussion meeting for people concerned with school education" in Kumamoto

 In Kumamoto, we decide to push forward "promotion of exchange of opinions by administration, food-related business operator and consumers" based on "the fourth food safety reliable promotion plan" (from 2017 to 2019). As the part, we held discussion meeting under the theme of "biotech food" targeting at people concerned with school education by the cosponsorship with the Cabinet Office Food Safety Commission.


Business summary

1 date and time: Friday, November 22, 2019 (Raiwa 1) from 13:30 to 16:30

2 places: Kumamoto school lunch society meeting room

3 participants: School nutrition instructor and the school nourishment staff

4 sponsorship: Kumamoto, the Cabinet Office Food Safety Commission

5 programs

  1) The opening of a meeting

  2) Topic offer

    ・"Basic way of thinking about biotech food"

      Lecturer Cabinet Office Food Safety Commission risk communication official

    ・About "indication system of biotech food"

      The lecturer Kumamoto Life Safety Promotion Division staff

  3) Group work

    About "biotech food", we make 1 corner of news from lunch. What we want to tell to children about biotech food,

    We extract from topic offered today and make the space which concentrated invention to convey right knowledge clearly.

  4) Closing


Lecture 1Lecture 2
Lecture 1Lecture 2

Group work 1Group work 2
Group work 1Group work 2



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