Prefectural Agricultural College stock raising subject fermentation TMR feed preparation!

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 In management training of Wednesday, December 4, we prepared feed this year in finished fermentation TMR facility.

It is confirmed about packing, a series of processes until the seal by stirring of feedWe shred Italian ryegrass with roll cutterMaterials to design feed, and to mix are spent to mixer wagon
We confirm packing, process until the seal from stirring of feed beforehand.We shred roll grass with roll cutter.Based on feed design, we put materials into wagon mixer in sequence.


Mixed feed is carried in belt conveyor and is put in the combination lapFeed which became roll is exhausted and we seal up with film and are completedLapping machine
Mixed feed is carried to combination lap (the packing machine, seal machine) in belt conveyor.Feed which was molded into a rollWe wind up lap film and we seal up and are completion.


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