We exceed 2019 girl handball world championships representative from Japan qualifier rounds

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Representative from Japan who decided main round advance

We hid representative from Japan cage, and it was the group third place, and, in 2019 girl handball world championships qualifier rounds, JAPAN decided advance to main round.

The end of the qualifier! Main round participation country was decided.

All "women's handball world championships" group qualifiers are finished.

 Main round finally begins.

[Group A]

First place Netherlands second place Norway third place Serbia

[Group B]

First place Korea second place Germany third place Denmark

[group C]

First place Spain second place Montenegro third place Romania

[group D]

First place Russia second place Sweden third place Japan


As fought successfully through qualifier round; strong country in a row.

We feel force just to see the name of the country.

We win all games, and "Netherlands" "Russia" "Spain" particularly Russia and Spain pass qualifier and are proud of overwhelming strength.

Besides, "Korea" and we who passed Group B the first place want to expect of "Japan"!


This team is divided into 2 groups, and "main round 18 games" are held from Sunday, December 8.

In addition, we start 12 games of president cup (thirteenth place - 24th place deciding match) on the same day.



"We go down we hide JAPAN!" which won and advanced to the main round

Game from tomorrow is sure to get exciting game, too.

Everybody will go to venue for support, too.


Go for it! Hide occasion; JAPAN!



Hide occasion; JAPAN




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