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[alert] About thorough laws and ordinances observance when we perform repair of frozen facilities

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[alert] About thorough laws and ordinances observance when we perform repair of frozen facilities

 Accident died one person during repair of frozen facilities which used carbon dioxide as refrigerant in Saga on November 2, 2019 (Raiwa 1) occurred. As this accident removed safety valve in state that the main cock is not closed in the case of exchange of safety valve of frozen facilities, carbon dioxide leaks, and it is supposed that worker suffered (as for the cause of the death, unknown as a result of judicial autopsy).

 In addition, in late years spout, leak accidents from facilities targeted for frozen preservation rule (1966 trade and industry departmental order No. 51) based on the high-pressure gas preservation method (1951 law No. 204) increase, and accident is the occurring situation in this prefecture in usual. Therefore, from the viewpoint of securing of security, various places of high-pressure gas production company for the freezing, manufacturer of apparatus to use for frozen facilities and construction, maintenance company of frozen facilities hope that they observe matter set of freezing preservation rule Article 9 No. 3 (including case to apply mutatis mutandis in Article 14 No. 2) based on the high-pressure gas preservation method when they perform repair of the freezing facilities.



Instructions when we perform repair of frozen facilities

  1. Making, observance of 1 plan of operation and setting of person in charge
  2.   It is bottom of according to fate, plan of operation as for the repair concerned and monitoring of the person in charge concerned in people in charge of plan of operation that we repair beforehand if we do repair and the work concerned 
  3.  You take performing in this or measures to report so to the person in charge concerned promptly when there was abnormality, and perform.

2 danger preventive measures

  1.   Take measure to prevent danger if you do repair of refrigerant facilities which assume flammable gas or toxic gas refrigerant gas.

Leak preventive measure that 3 is working

  1.   It is scheme zuruko by measures to prevent that gas leaks from other parts on part to leave open among the refrigerant facilities concerned if we leave refrigerant facilities open and do repair
  2.  This.
  3. The operation confirmation after 4 repair
  4.   If repair is finished, do not produce if not after you confirmed that the refrigerant facilities concerned operate normally.


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