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Announcement of whole line in-service start of main country path brocade Yunomae Line (ichibu bypass)

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In 2km sections of main country path brocade Yunomae Line (ichibu bypass) which Kumamoto is Nishiki-machi, Kuma-gun, and stimulated maintenance, it is 0 on the starting point side. Offered open about 7km partially, but is 1 of terminal side. As construction of 3km section is completed and offers the whole line open and started, we will tell.


1 service date and time: From Thursday, December 19, 2019 (Raiwa 1) 14:00
2 service sections: kyumagunnishikichodaijiichibu
3 in-service extension: About one. 3km (whole business extension about 2.0km, starting point side 0.7km have been offered open in September, 2018 (Heisei 30))

4 business effect: (1)Access characteristics to Kuma industrial park where road width is located along expanse improve.
       (2)The sidewalk is maintained, and safety of attending school of child, student improves.
       (3)Run time is shortened by bypass maintenance and contributes to sightseeing promotion of Kuma area.
       (4)The passage vehicle uses bypass and becomes easy to use the existing course as community road.


It is 3 after the in-service startTape cutting 3

The situation (JA bear court noble former intersection) after in-service start

State of opening ceremony









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