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About order for improvement for pay nursing home

The last update date:

 Pursuant to the provision of old-age persons' welfare law Article 29 Paragraph 13, we performed order for improvement as follows.                              


Establisher of 1 pay nursing home and the location
  tomozuna rehearsal service
  1581, Nishidera, Kikuchi-shi

Name of 2 pay nursing homes and the location
(1) Care home tomozuna (1581, Nishidera, Kikuchi-shi)
(2) The care home tomozuna second building (1588-1, Nishidera, Kikuchi-shi)

Contents of 3 orders
(1) Elucidate the cause about fact of abuse recognized by Mayor Kikuchi some other time on June 21, 2019 (Raiwa 1).
(2) By, based on (1) mentioned above, considering the appropriate administration system and the staff placement, maintenance of mental and physical health of resident of pay nursing home of your corporation setting and

   You plan stability of life, and take measure for prevention of outbreak of elderly abuse.
(3) Report contents of (1) mentioned above and (2) in Kumamoto by January 31, 2020 (Raiwa 2).

Reason to perform 4 orders
  Mayor Kikuchi carries out investigation based on regulations into "law about prevention of elderly abuse, support for person of nursing of elderly person" Article 24 in February, 2019 (Heisei 31)

 Based on what we did, the prefecture carries out two times of on-site inspections based on regulations of old-age persons' welfare law Article 29 Paragraph 11 in the same month, too.
  Afterwards, pay nursing home "care home tomozuna" which your corporation operates Mayor Kikuchi on June 21, 2019 (Raiwa 1) and "care home tomozuna

 We authorized elderly abuse in the second building.
  The prefecture carries out on-site inspections to the pay nursing home concerned based on old-age persons' welfare law intermittently, and, after the authorization concerned, perform hearing to person concerned with administration in addition, Kikuchi

 We confirmed fact of abuse recognized by the mayor.
  This corresponds to old-age persons' welfare law Article 29 Paragraph 13 at "time to admit that it is necessary for protection of other residents" to prescribe.

5 order date
  December 18, 2019 (Raiwa 1)


[reference: old-age persons' welfare law relations clause extract]
(pay nursing home)
 Article 29
When establisher of pay nursing home admits that violated provisions from Paragraph 4 to Paragraph 9, 13 prefectural governors do act that is unfair about treatment of resident, or

 If when admit that did act to hurt its benefit of resident about the administration, admit that it is necessary for protection of other residents, for the installer concerned,

 We can command to take necessary measure as the improvement.

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