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The Prefectural Agricultural College vegetables part marukuto "outside the prefecture Prefectural Agricultural College inspection training" first day

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 13 vegetables part students operating "agricultural college Marchais" belonging to marukuto carry out the training in Miyazaki pushing forward advanced approach in schedule on Tuesday on 21st from Monday, January 20 Prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College and the considerably prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College.


 On the first day, we visited Miyazaki Prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College, and student oneself invested and was the training in the simulation company "agricultural college sun" which experienced consistent corporate management from production of farm products to sale.


The maman Marchais training

 We visited direct sale place of vegetables, fruit, result of Miyazaki mainly on Takanabe product and restaurant using gobochi, food court where shop of dumpling and bread of Takanabe-cho pride entered, compound facility "maman Marchais" with manufacturing facility of gobochi. We conclude cooperation agreement, and administration company and Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural College of this facility are used as place of practical science such as off campus training of plan, development and student of products and connect with development of personnel training and area agriculture to carry meal-related industry by public and private sectors cooperation.


The appearance of maman MarchaisMiyazaki agricultural college boothExplanation about summary of Marchais

The appearance of maman Marchais

Sale booth of Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural College

We had you explain summary of maman Marchais.


"gobochi" which developed productsState in MarchaisAbout administration of Marchais

"gobochi" where it was developed products

The shop of maman Marchais

We heard story about approach of maman Marchais.


The Miyazaki Prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College simulation agricultural college sun

 We observed the production of agricultural and livestock products processing sales company "agricultural college sun" which all the first graders of Prefectural Agricultural College invested and operated. We experience this approach from product development to sale by oneself and are that it says aim to develop business sense for the future. ASIAGAP might be acquired and looked around greenhouse and collection of cargo adjustment rooms from shed, but we were tidied, and orderly environment was impressive.


Shipment adjustment placeThe mini-tomato houseExplanation about cultivation management

The appearance of shed

The greenhouse of mini-tomato

Explanation about cultivation method


Notice of greenhouse entranceShipment adjustment roomThe inside of shipment adjustment place

We post rule of the visitors on greenhouse entrance

State of shipment adjustment room

The orderly environmental shed



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