We are displayed with mode now at large-scale disaster.

Disaster prevention brochure (easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese) for foreign inhabitants

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Detailed into earthquake (jishin) and heavy rain (rain), typhoon (typhoon) (sona); let's obtain

In Kumamoto (Kumamoto), there was severe (chase) kii earthquake (jishin) of seismic intensity (shindo) 7 in April, 2016 (gatsu).
We do not know when severe (we chase) kii earthquake (jishin) cuts ki ().
In addition, a lot of rain (rain) falls, and water (do not see) of river (river) overflows, and house (it be said) is kai (ask) rerukotogaarimasu for strong (tsuyo) i-like (a cold) of typhoon (typhoon).
It is good with this brochure, and shu (mamo) give life (life) of reading nde, oneself (oneself) and family (kazoku).

jishin, typhoon, rain, tsunami


※"Disaster" (saigai) means earthquake (jishin), tsunami (tsunami), heavy rain (rain), typhoon (typhoon).
※"Disaster prevention" (bosai) is called in detailed (sona) thing obtaining disaster (saigai) ki () before being elaborate.

Disaster prevention brochure (easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)

"Earthquake (jishin) comes (come) tara"
"Heavy rain (rain), typhoon (typhoon) come (come) tara"
About "refuge" (hinanjo)
We have introduction (whether you carry) of "shi (arrive) u Japanese (nihongo) at the time of disaster" (saigai).
[easy Japanese (nihongo)] 
[English (English)]
[Chinese (zhongwen)]
 ・简 whole body sentence
  •  ・han*chubun
  kumahongaisekikyomimbowazawaishusatsu (PDF: 757.3 kilobytes) We open with the other window
[Korean (한국어)]
[Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt /㗂 etsu)]

Disaster prevention information card (only as for plain Japanese & English version)

It is book contact information (renrakusaki) of emergency (kinkyuji), kon (top) ttatokino consultation counter (sodammadoguchi).
In addition, we point to assistant (make up) keo motome (the cause) merutameno finger (finger) and can communicate.

Card cover



About information (joho) of evacuation (escaping)

When disaster (saigai) seems to have a stiff ki (), city hall (city hall) and town office (machiyakuba) are intellect (do) rasemasu in information (joho) of evacuation (hinan) for inhabitants (jumin) of area (chiiki).
Wireless (broadcast is made by sound outside house), TV, radio, disaster prevention are good, and there, please be bun (come).

Evacuation term (hinanyogo)  ※It is words (words) that are important (important). Please get kaku (obo).



When we do not know what to do by disaster (saigai)

Please do "water (we do not see) appears, and there is not" kon (top) ttatokiha where "there is not electricity" (we do not appear we come) where "bank () wants to come to place where house (it be said) is kai (we ask) retakaradokoka security" (security), consultation (so).


Kumamoto (bear does not melt, too) foreigner (gaikokujin) support center

There is line (okona) in talking (seikatsusodan) by multiple languages (tagengo) life.

We have dispatch (we believe) of information (joho) that is (need) necessary on homepage by multiple languages (tagengo).



Kumamoto-shi (we work as Kumamoto) foreign (gaikokujin) general (sogo) consultation (so) plaza

There is line (okona) in talking (seikatsusodan) by multiple languages (tagengo) life.
It is next (come) tekudasai in "Kumamoto-shi international exchange hall" (when we work as Kumamoto and release, it is interchange or does not go).
In addition, ki () is email in disaster information (saigaijoho), evacuation information (hinanjoho) disaster (saigai) when came; so (put) rimasu. It is free (muryo), but registration (we register father) is necessary (need).

Page of other (others)

・About foreign diplomatic establishments (chunichigaikokukoukan) to Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage)

・About earthquake (jishin) and rain (rain) of future (the future) (the Meteorological Agency homepage)



Intellect (do) ritaitokiha more about disaster (saigai) and disaster prevention (bosai)

・To earthquake (jishin) detailed (sona); arrive to get

 "Bringing sure death (hissatsu) three moves (te) ... and stop, and save, and decide ... of KUMAMON shogi player" (come, and do) (English)



・Shizuoka (shizuokaken) "life as an evacuee (hinanseikatsu) guidebook for foreign inhabitants (gaikokujinjumin)


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