We held cat photograph & panel production party of professional and Yushima, Kamiamakusa to take

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Yushima cat photograph


We held cat photograph & panel production party of professional and Yushima, Kamiamakusa to take

 On Saturday, February 8, 21 cat lover, camera enthusiasts gathered and held "professional and cat photograph & panel production society of Yushima, Kamiamakusa to take" in Yushima, Kamiamakusa-shi.
 While angle or composition got advice from Shunsuke Nagashima (scenery photographer) of lecturer casually while taking a walk through island, participant enjoyed shooting freely.

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Event photograph (2)Event photograph (5)Event photograph (3)
Mr. Nagashima of lecturer uses nekojarashio and draws various expressions of cat. Participant is pasha re.for the best shotAs it is free action, we photograph leisurely at favorite place. Participant that this puts "tree of banyan tree of heart" and cat in photograph.

Size of Yushima Japanese radish stands out in comparison with cat. Around participant photographing absorbedly, cat will be sold…….


Event photograph (10)Event photograph (4)Event photograph (9)

Lunch fully tasted seasonal sea foods of Amakusa in inn sunrise-so. In addition, specialty "Yushima Japanese radish steak comes up, too".

From proprietress, we received explanation of dishes well. It swelled by topics of each camera trip during a meal.After delicious rice, we choose one piece of the best for panel production. We look into camera with expression that is everybody truth sword.


Event photograph (7)Event photograph (8)Event photograph (11)

Selected one piece is better; have teacher take image processing to be finished.

How it is completed is throb.

We cooperate and stick printed photograph on panel.

We work carefully not to be wrinkled and are completed.

It looks like participant was healed very much by a lovely cat.

Everybody, please come to Yushima to play, too.



About 2 "Yushima, Kamiamakusa cat photo exhibition"


 We start "Yushima, Kamiamakusa cat photo exhibition" on Friday, February 21 in commercial facilities of Fukuoka, north-Tenjin Shrine for 13 days of Wednesday, March 4 in total.

 Entrance is free.

 Other than photograph of participant who photographed at this event, we display photograph of Nagashima of lecturer and cat photographer Kenichi Morinaga.

 Various expressions of cat without passing over. Come to venue by all means.


 ★★★ The details of photo exhibition are ↓ ★★★


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