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About child abuse

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Department of Health and Social Services General Social Services Counselling Center 
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About child abuse

About definition of child abuse

 Child abuse is classified in following four kinds.


 Physical crueltyWe put under restraint to one by ropes strangling letting you drown to throw, and to have carry burn to shake intensely to lose to beat to kick to hit
 Sexual abuseWe do to subject of pornography letting the sexual organs showing sexual act to child, sexual act touch or they touch
 NeglectLeave unattended in car to awfully defile which does not give meal to shut in in house, is heavy; even if get sick, do not take to hospital
 Psychological abuse

We use violence for family in front of threat, disregard by words, discriminatory handling, child between brothers (domestic violence: DV) and perform abuse act to brothers


About statistical data of country (the other link)

 About the current situation of child abuse (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP) We open with the other window(external link)








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Department of Health and Social Services General Social Services Counselling Center
Telephone: 096-381-4411
Fax: 096-381-4412
Email [email protected]
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