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The 30th "citizens of Kumamoto culture prize" commendation ceremony

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The 30th "citizens of Kumamoto culture prize" commendation ceremony

 We held the 30th "citizens of Kumamoto culture prize" commendation ceremony in Governor of prefectural office visitor's room on Thursday, February 20, 2020 (Raiwa 2).
 This prize is full of achievement of and group where there was contribution for culture promotion of this prefecture and recommends future activity and plans promotion of cultural activities in various places throughout the prefecture and is aimed for promotion of this prefectural culture.



Prize winner

[this prize] (1 individual, 3 groups)

 ○Yukiya Fujitani (fujitaniyukiya) he "folkcraft" (bamboo work art)
 ○The Uto lion dance preservation society (utoonshishimaihozonkai) "preservation succession of cultural resources"
 ○Gold positive society (kinyokai) "art"

 ○Is Hinagu in September; Santoka executive committee (kugatsuhahinagudesantoukajikkouiinkai) "inflection of cultural resources"

[dream section] (1 individual)

 ○mukisan*ryo (Mt. other side saying Ryo) he "recitation of a Chinese poem"


[special prize]

 ※Not applicable


Commendation section

[this prize]
 It continues for a certain period of time and works on cultural activities, and it is admitted that we have achievement for the spread development of art, culture, the preservation succession of cultural resources, promotion of other culture.


[dream section]
 It is admitted, and the activity is expected to give excellent result for pre-one year including the moon belonging by cultural activities and culture business on day of recommendation in particular inside and outside the prefecture in the future.


[special prize]
 We gain extremely remarkable achievement to represent this prefectural culture and can admit that we gave encouragement and hope for cultural activities of citizen of the prefecture.

Commendation summary

◇Each generation prize winner  

 Each generation prize winner (1) (PDF: 166 kilobytes) We open with the other window

State of commendation ceremony

     FujitaniUtoThe conferment 1

Gold positive societyYatsushiroSantoka

The conferment 2The whole 1All the members 2







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