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[cancellation] About blight company charm discovery fair

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[cancellation] About blight company charm discovery fair


※This event cancels holding from the viewpoint of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease.

※We publish contents called off below.


 In Kumamoto, working person shines lively, and authorize company where is continued working in peace as "blight company", the superior approach

We plan raise of labor circumstances, working conditions of the prefectural whole by publicizing widely and promote the making of charm of company which we saw from employee and jobseeker.

 We hold "blight company charm discovery is fair" to send charm of blight company for university student and high school student and the protector as the part.


 This event that blight company more than 80 participates in is golden opportunity to listen to charm of actual voice and company of people working at blight company directly.

One of other events is different, and, for event that only blight companies gather for, there is story to listen to only here a lot.

 As clothes can participate by freedom casually, carry foot by all means.


Blight company charm discovery is fair

 ♦Date and time Saturday, February 22, 2020 (Raiwa 2) from 13:00 to 17:00 (reception desk start 12:30) ※It is free to do entrance and exit

 ♦The first floor of the place Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun Main Building, the second-floor hall (172, Yoyasucho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi)

 ♦Target university student (graduate student), junior college student, technical college student, vocational training school student, high school student and the protector

 ♦Entrance fee for free ※Clothes freedom (we do not need wearing such as suits)

 ◆Contents (1) orientation

        (2) Blight company study guidance (in each company booth, we introduce charm of the prefecture company)


 ◆Participant companies gathering Holdings, Ariake surveying development company, Iizuka Electric industry, Izumi Co.,Ltd. body Seisakusho, Iwanaga Gumi,

 (83 plans) eretekku, Mt. (fortune) Kotobuki meeting, sum investigation design, kamihirome, Kyushu Industrial Transportation Holdings, kyushusanko bus,

        Kyushu sofutasu, cue net, combination dazzle (fortune) (tax), modern management, Kuma area agricultural cooperative (JA bear),

        Bear metal-proof, Kumamoto credit union, association of Kumamoto credit guarantee, Kumamoto new century Hotel Nikko Kumamoto, Kumamoto Shinkin Bank, Kumamoto flour milling,     

        Best credit association in Kumamoto, Daihatsu, Kumamoto sale, Kumamoto center credit association, Kumamoto Toyota Jidosha, Kumamoto Toyopet, KIS,

        Health family Kumamoto Branch, Goshi Giken, interest farm, Kowa surveying design, Kongo,

        (tax) the cherry tree A sum partners, shisutemunishitsuu Kumamoto Branch, system Forest, village of (fortune) seven-jo Castle welfare society Iyashiki,

        jotsu, Joe smile, affinity Corporation (local cuisine Aoyagi), cedar apiculture garden, the laboratory of life department, (fortune) Kiyoka society,

        SONY insurance against loss Kumamoto contact center, software vision, Takahashi brewing, chiukiyo Kumamoto office,

         DNS, techno design, denseisha, *sakadate*, Tomita Pharmacial, Toyota L & F Kumamoto,

         Toyoda physical education classroom, Toyota parts Kumamoto holding a joint sale, transcosmos BPO center Kumamoto, Nagai Seisakujo,

         Nakagawa foods, Nansei machine, Nishida Tekko, West Japan eguzekku, snail twist Kumamoto factory,

        Nets Toyota Kumamoto, Noge Denki Kogyo Kyushu Division, high com, Higo funeral, fujikurapureshijon,

        Singularity Denki Kogyo, Futaba, kosohonten, Class Matsushita, MARUMIYA, Mizuno Kensetsu consultant,

        Daiho temple of glasses, forest industry, YAMAHA Kumamoto products, dream autumn bellflower, wide place industry, Yonezawa,

        U.S. good machine mechanic, Wako, Waseda school (the order of the kana syllabary)


   ◆Prior application is necessary. Please confirm the following application method.

 ※The details are this   

Application method and reference

(1) Application method

   Person that participation is hoped for, please register in the next site.


    ※Registration is possible from QR code of attachment flyer.

           ※Or "attractive discovery is fair", and please search.


(2) Contact information
   Of the following [reference] or Kumamoto Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour business and industry labor bureau labor employment construction section (Phone: 096-333-2340)

  Please refer for madeo.


  Contact information kumahonnichinichishimbunshajiikikizunari*susumibu (charge: Harada)

           Telephone: 096-361-3226 (weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30)











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