We made leaflet about photovoltaic power generation maintenance check in Kumamoto and database of maintenance check company.

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   We work on construction of the system supporting local photovoltaic power generation business in Kumamoto while introduction of renewable energy advances mainly on photovoltaic power generation.
   It is necessary to perform appropriate maintenance check continuously so that photovoltaic power generation business generates electricity stably for long term. Therefore, Kumamoto-shi cooperated with Kumamoto and, through "business (local renewable energy promotion business (photovoltaic power generation) led by local public entity) such as public information for introduction promotion such as 2019 new energy" of the Agency for Natural Resource and Energy, carried out questionary survey to photovoltaic power generation proprietor and made leaflet of "the need of the actual situation and maintenance check of photovoltaic power generation business in Kumamoto" in reference to this. You look at, and please examine maintenance check.
   At the same time, we made database of maintenance check company in the prefecture. When generation proprietor performs maintenance check of facility, it would appreciate your inflecting.






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