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PDF ◆About subscription for No. 112 2017 community improvement challenge promotion bounty! (others) With new window(PDF: 144.8 kilobytes)


PDF ◆About offer of No. 110 2016 Kumamoto social welfare promotion fund promotion services "small entity activity support project!" With new window(PDF: 172.7 kilobytes)

PDF ◆About open call for participants of No. 109 2017 (Heisei 29) New Year's greetings donation distribution business! With new window(PDF: 156.6 kilobytes)

PDF ◆Offer of Fukuda law Kotobuki personnel training fund promotion services "social worker, mental health welfare person eligibility requirements for an examination acquisition support project" is carried out in No. 108 2016! (others) With new window(PDF: 177.4 kilobytes)

PDF ◆Utilities promotion assistance business is carried out in No. 107 JKA in 2017! With new window(PDF: 108 kilobytes)


PDF ◆We catch No. 102 [country volunteer Festival Uki of the ninth fire] - hand, and Uki loosens, and village ... that u tsu soil ri is beautiful is held! (others) With new window(PDF: 283.2 kilobytes)

PDF ◆About additional recruitment of groups working on maintenance of No. 100 "local relationship gawa" and "local contact home!" (others) With new window(PDF: 259.8 kilobytes)

PDF ◆About holding of home medical care and relaxation care ... which No. 99 is saved and is isolated and "wants to live for civic open lecture in peace in house", and ... intellect wants to put!  With new window(PDF: 145.9 kilobytes)


PDF ◆No. 93 "Kumamoto community business seminar" is held! (others) With new window(PDF: 166.3 kilobytes)

PDF ◆Announcement of delivery change of No. 81 community-based welfare e-mail magazine (others) [PDF file/146KB]
PDF ◆No. 80 "one reform briefing session in Kumamoto of social security and tax" is held! [PDF file/7KB]
PDF ◆No. 79 "relationship gawa of area" information exchange party is held! (others) [PDF file/8KB]
PDF ◆No. 78 "local relationship gawa" became 400 places! (others) [PDF file/12KB]
PDF ◆On No. 77 January 13, 2014, "seminar to think about approach in area in local inclusion care" is held! (others) [PDF file/10KB]
PDF ◆We hold Kumamoto "relationship gawa, contact home of area" information exchange party in the second in No. 76 2013! (others) [PDF file/11KB]
PDF ◆No. 75 "local area coordinator workshop to touch, and to think about home & care prevention base, local relationship gawanoari in the future" is held!  [PDF file/8KB]
PDF ◆We are accepting design vote of No. 74 "relationship gawa of area" mark! (others) [PDF file/9KB]
PDF ◆It is volunteer month in No. 73 November! (others) [PDF file/10KB]
PDF ◆We hold No. 72 social farm symposium! [PDF file/7KB]
PDF ◆"The second Kumamoto child, young man "snuggles up", and symposium" is held No. 71! (others)  [PDF file/9KB]
PDF ◆We are accepting design vote of No. 70 "relationship gawa of area" mark! (others) [PDF file/9KB]
PDF ◆Primary recruitment of activity groups of No. 69 Kumamoto village mon project is carried out! [PDF file/6KB]
PDF ◆We hold information exchange party in the first in No. 68 Kumamoto "relationship gawa, local contact home of area" 2013! (others) [PDF file/11KB]
PDF ◆No. 67 raises "local relationship gawa groups" working on "we become company with viewpoint of the welfare". (we start subscription for third!) (others) [PDF file/8KB]
PDF ◆It is news about recruitment of No. 66 dementia supporter activity activation business operation groups!  [PDF file/7KB]
PDF ◆It is news about No. 65 2013 Kumamoto social welfare promotion fund promotion services "small entity activity support project"! [PDF file/125KB]
PDF ◆We are raising groups working on maintenance of No. 64 "local relationship gawa" and "local contact home"! (others) [PDF file/137KB]
PDF ◆No. 63 is news of "day (May 12) of local welfare officer" and "local welfare officer children's committee activity reinforcement week" (from May 12 to May 18)! (others) [PDF file/136KB]
PDF ◆We raise No. 62 "local relationship gawa group" to work on "we become company with viewpoint of the welfare"! (others) [PDF file/144KB]

PDF ◆No. 61 "gathering of dementia supporters" (activity briefing session) is held! (others) [PDF file/152KB]
PDF ◆We introduce local contribution activity of No. 60 social welfare corporation! (others) [PDF file/130KB]
PDF ◆We hold No. 59 "local relationship gawa, local contact home information exchange party"! (others) [PDF file/123KB]
PDF ◆We hold No. 58 "social farm symposium"! (others) [PDF file/63KB]
PDF ◆As for "Kumamoto social business meeting - area problem, business opportunity ..." is held No. 57 (others); [PDF file/77KB]
PDF ◆About holding of No. 56 "country volunteer Festival talented person of the sixth fire" (others) [PDF file/83KB]
PDF ◆About holding of No. 55 "relationship gawa, local contact home of area" symposium (others) [PDF file/71KB]
PDF ◆No. 54 "parking lot appropriateness use, heart full path system enlightenment campaign for person with a disability" (others) [PDF file/10KB]
PDF ◆Raise contributions of No. 53 "H24.7.12 Kumamoto wide area flooding harm" (others); [PDF file/8KB]  [PDF file/8KB]
PDF ◆Recruit groups working on maintenance of No. 52 "relationship gawa of area" and "local contact home" (others); [PDF file/217KB]                                                                    PDF ◆The second "local relationship gawa group" working on "company with viewpoint of the welfare becomes" No. 51 offer (others) [PDF file/214KB]
PDF ◆Mon which No. 50 I watch! Of "Kumamoto watch support corps" introduce approach on prefectural homepage! (others) [PDF file/133KB]PDF  [PDF file/133KB]
PDF ◆No. 49 raises "local relationship gawa groups" working on "commercialization with viewpoint of the welfare"! (others) [PDF file/146KB]

PDF ◆About the use in whole Kyushu, Yamaguchi of No. 48 heart full path (identification of use of parking lot for person with a disability) (others) [PDF file/134KB]
PDF ◆Holding [PDF file/128KB] of No. 47 "relationship gawa, local contact home of area" symposium
PDF ◆Holding (others) of No. 46 community-based welfare promotion forum [PDF file/99KB]
PDF ◆Recruitment of cooperation facilities of the No. 45 outing reliable restroom spread business start (others) [PDF file/236KB]
PDF ◆We hold relationship gawa, area contact home information exchange party of No. 44 area [PDF file/126KB]
PDF ◆Association of each No. 43 2011 assistance, promotion services decision (others) [PDF file/176KB]
PDF ◆No. 42 second Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan "collection of dream supporting relationships" development (others) [PDF file/89KB]
PDF ◆Relationship gawa connection subsidy information (others) of No. 41 area [PDF file/103KB]

PDF ◆Announcement of No. 40 private enterprise promotion services [PDF file/83KB]
PDF ◆No. 39 area contact home workshop held guidance (others) [PDF file/114KB]
PDF ◆Relationship gawazukuri information exchange society held guidance (others) of No. 38 area [PDF file/117KB]
PDF ◆Holding (others) of No. 37 community-based welfare promotion forum [PDF file/108KB]
PDF ◆Assistance, promotion services association of No. 36 2010 decision (others) [PDF file/93KB]
PDF ◆Is raising approach groups of No. 35 "local relationship gawazukuri promotion business"; (others) [PDF file/95KB]

PDF ◆Main approach information (others) of No. 34 2010 [PDF file/103KB]
PDF ◆Holding (others) of No. 33 area contact home whole country seminar [PDF file/82KB]
PDF ◆No. 32 "local relationship gawazukuri information exchange party" was held (others); [PDF file/99KB]
PDF ◆No. 31 "relationship gawa of area" homepage establishment (others) [PDF file/115KB]
PDF ◆About supporting company offer of securing of No. 30 welfare, care human resources emergency business (others) [PDF file/97KB]
PDF ◆Is raising approach groups of No. 29 "local relationship gawazukuri promotion business"; (others) [PDF file/90KB]

PDF ◆Town development room 3 University news (others) of the No. 28 H20 welfare [PDF file/124KB]
PDF ◆Hold No. 27 "community-based welfare promotion forum" (others); [PDF file/135KB]
PDF ◆Under recruitment of approach groups of No. 26 "relationship gawazukuri of area" promotion business (others) [PDF file/136KB]

PDF ◆No. 25 2007 "local relationship gawazukuri promotion business" approach group decision (others) [PDF file/179KB]
PDF ◆Under No. 24 "welfare service daisanshahyokajushinshienhojokin" offer (others) [PDF file/187KB]

PDF ◆Under No. 23 "relationship gawazukuri of area" business offer (others) [PDF file/156KB]

PDF ◆Summary (others) of No. 22 Kumamoto welfare service third party evaluation system [PDF file/91KB]
PDF ◆The 21st gokengun living support love studio opening (others) [PDF file/48KB]
PDF ◆Just before No. 20 volunteer Festival information (others) [PDF file/60KB]
PDF ◆No. 19 volunteer Festival information (others) [PDF file/62KB]

PDF ◆About business plan in ... "kengun living support love studio" of the welfare service tight in No. 18 area made with model ... (others) [PDF file/98KB]
PDF ◆No. 17 "begin to move. Homeless person support (others) [PDF file/140KB]
PDF ◆No. 16 special feature "seminar Part3 which think about welfare in the future from Kumamoto of the whole country" (others) [PDF file/108KB]
PDF ◆Report (others) of No. 15 community-based welfare promotion forum "welfare demachizukuritai from now" [PDF file/67KB]
PDF ◆Approach (others) of Asagiri choshakyo which reached the second year after the No. 14 merger [PDF file/62KB]
PDF ◆No. 13 area support love plan development (others) [PDF file/126KB]

PDF ◆The No. 12 municipalities community-based welfare plan development situation (others) [PDF file/56KB]
PDF ◆From each town development section group of the No. 11 welfare greetings (others) [PDF file/13KB]
PDF ◆About community-based welfare plan development that used adviser specialized in town development of the No. 10 welfare (Kamotomachi, Hondo-shi) (others) [PDF file/12KB]
PDF ◆About community-based welfare plan development that used adviser specialized in the No. 9 welfare (Nagasu-machi, Ueki-cho) (others) [PDF file/12KB]
PDF ◆About No. 8 "day service business in child with a disability summer vacation" conduct briefing session (others) [PDF file/13KB]
PDF ◆Introduction (others) of advanced local approach of No. 7 Tamana area [PDF file/11KB]
PDF ◆Report (others) of seminar Part2 thinking about welfare from No. 6 Kumamoto in the future of the whole country [PDF file/17KB]
PDF ◆In all municipalities in No. 5 Aso-gun community-based welfare plan development (others) [PDF file/14KB]

PDF ◆About No. 4 community health (others) [PDF file/14KB] 
PDF ◆The organization system (others) for community-based welfare plan development of No. 3 Yamaga-shi [PDF file/12KB]
PDF ◆No. 2 Aso Area Promotion Bureau "community-based welfare plan, community-based welfare activity plan development support meeting in the eighth in 2002" (others) [PDF file/13KB]
PDF ◆About the first issue municipalities community-based welfare plan development guidelines (others) [PDF file/14KB]

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