About contract entrance system to child with a disability entrance facility

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Summary of contract entrance system

Summary of contract entrance system

 As for facility, the business for children with a disability, as for facility entrance, as for the business relations such as the Child Welfare Law, child day service, law to help the disabled become financially independent, seriously ill mind and body child with a disability (person) going to kindergarten business had been carried out as budget business, but grounds regulations were unified from April, 2012 by the Child Welfare Law, and system was reorganized, too.
 After service for children with a disability based on the Child Welfare Law adopting contract method, and protector of child with a disability performing supply application in the case of child with a disability entrance support in the case of authority of child with a disability place support in the metropolis and districts in the municipalities, and having received supply decision, it is decided to make a contract with facility to use.

It is ... with child with a disability entrance facility

 We let impaired child enter and are facility based on knowledge necessary for protection, instruction of everyday life and self-support and the technical Child Welfare Law giving. There is "medical care model" treating to "the welfare type" and the welfare service to perform the welfare service.

About entrance procedure

Application method

 ・Please consult with Child Consultation Center having jurisdiction over the address ground to live.
  (we explain explanation of system, necessary documents)


 ・We judge about the right or wrong of the use after having heard story.
 ・Depending on the capacity situation of facility, we may not use.

About burden of expenses

 ・There is burden depending on income on household.
  •  ・In addition, the food expenses, photothermal water costs, expense of everyday life article are needed.


  •  Child facility, first action section (facility, foster parent group)
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    Figure of flow

     Figure of flow of contract entrance



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