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What is DV (domestic violence)?

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With DV (domestic violence)

 Spouse, common-law husband and wife, person having a close relation including fiance say violence to receive one-sidedly with DV.

 Form of violence diverges into many branches as well as physical thing kicking to hit.

 Of course it is nearby, and it has serious influence on child who is that victim suffers deep wound in mind and body by act to influence such various violence and partners.


 ※It is psychological abuse (DV right in front) to perform quarrel between couples in front of child.



All these acts are DV

Violence that 1 is physical

 ・Slap to reject to hit strangles, push away


Violence that 2 is psychological

 ・(threaten) to threaten to ignore which shouts aloud which curses partner


3 economical violence

 ・We forbid that we go to work to force debt not to let you do not hand cost of living and use on


Violence that 4 is sexual

 ・We make pornography image look like unreasonableness not to cooperate with compulsion, contraception of sexual intercourse


Violence that 5 is social

 ・Limit (we check histories such as cell-phone or LINE limiting friends and acquaintances not to let you go out freely finely of action


Violence that involved 6 children

 ・We record bad-mouth making a fool to use violence on in front of child
  (we cause fear and strain state by witness of ※ violence and bring body various symptoms and have effect to child.)



Where should we talk with?

About consultation counter

(list of windows, contact information in the prefecture, consultation time)

 Window Contact information  Consultation time
 Kumamoto Women's Consultation Center (DV consultation exclusive telephone)


 Weekday From 8:30 to 22:00

 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: From 9:00 to 22:00

 Kumamoto-shi DV consultation exclusive telephone 096-328-3322 Weekday From 8:30 to 17:15
 The Kumamoto Police headquarters (the police security counselor's office)

※We are consulted at nearest police station and police box and put

 #9110 Available 24 hours a day


In addition, (lists of consultation organizations)

 Page We open with the other window(external link) of list of consultation organizations (the Cabinet Office gender equality station)



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Department of Health and Social Services General Social Services Counselling Center
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